In a scary video, two women almost die when their swing breaks on the edge of a 6,300-foot cliff

Two women nearly die as their swing breaks on a 6,300-foot precipice in a terrifying video.
Once a swing that was perched on the edge of a perilous cliff gave way, two Russians came dangerously close to losing their lives. The two individuals were having fun on the swing that was suspended approximately 6,300 feet above the ground. The swing was hanging precariously from the edge of the cliff when one of its chains unexpectedly broke, causing it to fall to the ground with a crash.
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ESTIMATE OF HOLIDAY TRAFFIC DEATHS: New Year’s Day Holiday Estimate for 2023

The New Year's Day Holiday Period Fatality Forecast for 2023
The National Safety Council (NSC) says that 408 people could die on U.S. roads between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Families all over the United States often take trips during the holidays. Many people choose to travel by car, which has the most deaths per passenger mile of any major form of motorised transportation. Holidays are also often a time to celebrate by drinking alcohol, which is a major cause of car accidents.
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