Top 10 Worst Travel Destinations: People Promise Never to Return!
Top 10 Worst Travel Destinations: People Promise Never to Return!

Have you ever been somewhere and had a bad time that made you never want to go back? You’ve got company. Someone recently asked, “What place have you been that you swore you would never go back to?” Here are the answers with the most votes. 

Rio de Janeiro

“Rio de Janeiro” was the name of the driver. The driver we hired showed us one of the bad favelas. On the other side of the road were 12-foot walls with razor wire and cameras. He said it was the property of Globo’s CEO or founder.

“So, a billionaire lives next door to a very poor and dangerous area. “I don’t know if it was the Globo guy, but it was a rich person’s house,” said someone.


“After 20 years, I still remember the smell of pee and poop in the streets,” one person said. “When I went there about five years ago, the smell was also very strong.”

“There were also a lot of homeless immigrants and buildings that were falling apart,” said someone else. “I went there five years ago, and it’s probably the same as you remember. “But, holy cow, Paris, France is so beautiful and the food is so good!” said a third person.

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Stockton, CA

“Stockton, California, is more beautiful than Paris. I was fine when I lived in Oakland from 2000 to 2020. Even the bad parts of Los Angeles aren’t that bad. But in Stockton? I closed my car’s windows and locked the doors. “Stockton? NOPE, not at all,” someone said.


One guy said, “Texas, if I can help it!” “It’s too hot, people drive like absolute psychopaths, and the list goes on,” said someone else. “Traffic is usually good until you get to the line between Arkansas and Texas. Then there will be complete chaos.”

“I really hate Texas driving. Also, it took 12 hours to drive from Michigan to Texas, and another 12 hours to drive from Texas to Texas.

Camden, New Jersey

“Camden, New Jersey! “You all make Philadelphia look like a nice place to live!” said one guy. Another person asked, “As a former New Jersey resident, who is visiting Camden?!”

“That is where the tank is. “By the way, it’s great,” said a second person. Lastly, a third person said, “I like the aquarium in Baltimore better. I went to two events at the park, though. I still don’t like Camden.”

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“Yes, we paid any price to get out of that country as soon as possible. One person said, “We were only there for 1.5 days.” “Exactly. Back in the day, Morocco was a place where artists and writers went to chill out. I guess it’s different? I’m not sure. “I’m glad I got to visit a country in Africa, but I’ll never go back,” said another.


“We went to a vacation island in Honduras on a cruise. Due to bad weather, the ship had to go back to land. So we got off the boat, and it didn’t take more than a minute before we heard machine guns firing nearby. Someone said, “It was so sketchy.”


“Dubai seems like a place with no soul and no depth. It makes no sense. Drugs are so banned in a strict Muslim country that it’s almost like a Parks and Recreation sketch. In the middle of poverty, glitz, glam, and nonsense, there is a lot of drink, cutting-edge tech, and money.

“Dubai’s big buildings are always at odds with nature. “Irrational architecture projects, some of which aren’t finished and just sit there,” said one person.

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Hollywood/ Los Angeles

“Hollywood. I stopped there quickly on my way to see family in California, and I didn’t like it at all. It smelled. It was way too much. There were a lot of the worst kinds of people there, so many tourists didn’t watch where they were going.”

“A woman tried to scam me out of money by pulling me away from my group and making me take a selfie with her. “It was just awful on every level,” one person said.


“It’s dirty, dangerous, and the people aren’t nice. “No matter where she went, older men would bother my teenage sister,” said one person. “It’s funny how there are con artists everywhere near the tower. Someone else made a joke about the pyramid schemes.

We hope you liked this collection of Reddit posts about places people have been but vowed never to go back to because of bad experiences. Check out these top-rated travel locations as well.

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