The power on an iPhone lasts longer if you turn off these two settings: Tips and Advice.
The power on an iPhone lasts longer if you turn off these two settings: Tips and Advice.

Many iOS users always have problems with their batteries dying quickly after a new update. According to CNET, this problem still exists with the most recent version of the update. It is mostly caused by side processes that users can’t control.

As a surprise, the iPhone keyboard did not have the ability to shake while typing until iOS 16. With the most recent change to the operating system, this feature was added.

Instead of just making a sound when you press a key, Taptic Feedback now makes vibrations, which makes typing more interesting. However, this function can make the battery last a lot less time.


It’s important to know that this feature is not turned on by default. If you have it turned on and now want to turn it off, take these steps.

Open the “Settings” app on your phone or tablet first. Next, press the “Sounds & Haptics” button. After that, click “Keyboard Feedback.” To save battery life, you can also turn off the “Haptic” choice.

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Icons should not be on the iPhone lock screen.

Widgets are a useful part of iOS devices because they let users get to information and do chores quickly without opening apps.

That way, you can quickly get to them from the lock screen or the home screen. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that apps can drain your battery, especially if they keep updating in the background.

If you need to save battery life, it’s best to make a lock screen without any apps. Starting with iOS 16, this is easy to do because the update lets you have more than one lock screen that you can quickly switch between.

This way, you can have a lock screen with widgets when you need them and a lock screen without widgets when you don’t.

Remember that with the iOS 17.2 update, older versions of iPhones will be able to charge wirelessly.

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