A Boca Bash partygoer's parents say sorry after their son was caught throwing trash cans into the ocean.

Two teenage boys are facing crimes for throwing trash cans full of trash into the Atlantic Ocean at Florida’s annual Boca Bash. After their son turned himself in to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), the boy’s family apologized.

Widespread drone footage now shows the teens carrying two trash cans full of bottles and other plastics over the side of their fishing boat as they speed away from the April 28 party on the water.

The video cuts out to show the mess that the boat full of partygoers made as it sped off into the rough water of the Boca Raton harbor. The teens can be seen laughing and waving from the front of the boat.

The 15- and 16-year-olds turned themselves in to police on Friday, according to the Miami Herald. They are being charged with a third-degree felony for polluting “so as to harm or injure human health or welfare, animal, plant, or aquatic life or property.”

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Teens are charged with throwing trash into the Florida Sea in a video that went viral.

One of the boy’s parents sent an email to The Palm Beach Post on Monday through a spokeswoman.

“We take responsibility for caring for our oceans and our community very seriously, and we are extremely saddened by what occurred last weekend at Boca Bash,” the family said. “We want to extend our sincerest apologies to everyone who has been impacted and rightfully upset by what occurred.”

It’s an annual event where drunk Boca Bash partygoers dump tons of trash into the Atlantic. Over a dozen people are arrested during this event.

“Our family and our counsel have remained in touch with FWC since we were first contacted by them and have continued to cooperate with all authorities,” the statement said. “As a family, we agree with FWC Commissioner Rodney Barreto that this is a teaching moment for the young kids involved and they should certainly participate in community service and ocean conservation efforts to deepen their understanding of the importance of our community and environment.”

To find the two boys, the FWC looked up the boat’s registration and went to the Gulfstream home of the owner, who was the 15-year-old’s father. Based on what WFLA reported, the father told police that “this is not a representation of who we are” and asked to speak with them again later with a lawyer present.

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Before charges were brought against the teens, the FWC said that 20 people were arrested related to the Boca Bash, including 17 for boating while drunk. There were no accidents or big incidents.

However, none of the people caught were as angry as YouTuber Wavy Boats was when he posted a video of the trash dumping.

The FWC’s Rodney Barreto said at Wednesday’s meeting, “This has become a worldwide story,” as reported by The Palm Beach Post. “My phone blew up over the weekend.” It should be a great chance for all of them to learn”.

Every year on the last Sunday of April, between 6,000 and 10,000 people party in their boats on Lake Boca Raton. Pictures and videos on social media show people who went to the event with their partners dancing, jumping from boat to boat in bikinis, and drinking beer.

Original source of the article: A Boca Bash partygoer’s parents say sorry after their son was caught throwing trash cans into the ocean.

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