Apple just came out with a smart way to keep thieves from taking your iPhone.
Apple just came out with a smart way to keep thieves from taking your iPhone.

You might want to update your iPhone if you’re afraid that someone will steal it, lock you out, and delete all of your data. That’s because Apple’s latest iOS 17.3 beta has a clever new security feature that can stop even the smartest crooks.

The Wall Street Journal noticed that the beta has a new feature called Stolen Device Protection. This can be your last line of defense if your iPhone has been stolen and the thief knows your password. If you turn it on, you could stop their plans for good.

If you don’t add this new feature, thieves only need your passcode to get in. First, they can get into your iPhone, change your Apple ID password to stop you from wiping it remotely, and turn off Find My. Next, they can see all of your saved passwords for credit cards, accounts, and other things.

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It’s very easy for them to get into your phone; all they have to do is look over your shoulder and hear your PIN. They can’t be stopped from far away once they’ve changed your Apple ID password.

A safe solution

Things are different when you have Stolen Device Protection. When it’s on, you need Face ID or Touch ID, not a PIN, to do some important things like seeing your passwords, turning off Lost Mode, deleting content, and more. Biometric identity makes it a lot harder for thieves to get into these important parts of your phone, which should keep your digital life from being completely messed up.

That’s not all that the new tool does. If someone wants to do something very private, like change your Apple ID password or the phone’s passcode, they will have to use Face ID or Touch ID to prove who they are, wait an hour, and then use Face ID or Touch ID again.

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That doesn’t work if your phone is in a place you know, like at home or at work. Thefts will probably not be able to mess up your device anywhere they take it, but you should be able to make these changes yourself as long as you’re not in a strange place. You’ll just have to wait a little longer than before, even if you are. The extra cost is worth it for better safety.

If you have the iOS 17.3 beta, you can turn on Stolen Device Protection in Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Stolen Device Protection. This is a function that you can choose to use or not. To have peace of mind, it’s worth setting up. You never know when you might need it.

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