Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson both say strong things about LIV (Phil deletes X post).

Discussion about Mickelson’s threat and Gooch’s PGA invite

Johnson Wagner and Rex Hoggard are on Golf Today to talk about Phil Mickelson’s “ludicrous” threat that LIV Golf players would not play in major tournaments, as well as Talor Gooch’s PGA invite, Jordan Spieth’s health, and Viktor Hovland.

Before and after Brooks Koepka won his first title of the year in Singapore, LIV Golf was busy again.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Greg Norman, CEO of the league backed by Saudi Arabia, said a few strong things that made it sound like LIV isn’t going anywhere.

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He said that Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the governor of the Public Investment Fund, told him that LIV Golf “will be well and truly in operation well past his death.” The Public Investment Fund has put billions of dollars into the PGA Tour’s rival league.

Norm added, “And he’s a young guy.”

The Shark also suggested that LIV buy golf grounds that teams could use as home fields, similar to how teams play sports. On top of that, he fought back against claims that no one was watching.
He asked Bloomberg, “What does it mean to tune in?” “For an 18- or 25-year-old, tuning in might be 12 seconds on the phone.” “Ask me to look at this, and then we’ll do that. After that, I’ll come back here and work on this for another 14 seconds.”

“That hits home for me,” he said. “That looks like a market that’s very rich to me, right?” And the way we’re going has a huge impact on them.

Let Phil Mickelson handle the majors. On Sunday, he saw an X post that said LIV should use all its power to get its players into the pros.

Field for the PGA Championship: Who will be playing at Valhalla Golf Club?

A list of the 154 golfers who are currently set to play in the PGA Championship at Valhalla.

In a post that he later took down, Nickelson responded to Brentley Romine, “Maybe some LIV players won’t be missed.” What if, though, NONE of the LIV stars showed up? Would you miss them? What about when more great players join next year? Or the next year? They will care at some point because they have to answer to sponsors and TV. FAAFO.”

This phrase is slang for “(Expletive) around and find out.” The next day, Talor Gooch and David Puig were among the LIV players who said yes to PGA Championship invites.

It wasn’t all naughty.

Adam Harter, who used to work for Pepsi, was named as LIV’s new chief marketing officer. That comes after a chief financial officer, two executive vice presidents, and two other jobs were made.
The LIV Golf doesn’t sound like it’s going anywhere.

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