The first 'AI beauty pageant' reveals the most unsettling aspect of new technology.

Miss AI is like a nightmare come true.

The most creepy parts of new technology are shown off in the first "AI beauty pageant."

Beauty pageants are part of “the future,” which might surprise people who think they fit in the 1950s. With the help of AI picture generation, they’re getting worse and stranger than ever.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a musty old beauty show for AI bots. It was created by the Fanvue World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs). Scam models will try to win the $5,000 grand prize and the chance to be the “world first.”

Of course, Miss AI isn’t just about having the most beautiful fake body. Not in the least. Contestants will be asked about “beauty” and “poise,” and of course, how they plan to make the world a better place. They will also be rated on their “social media clout,” which will make the whole thing even worse. Maybe they could also get points for how good they are at catfishing?

Emily Pellegrini, who doesn’t exist, will be one of the judges. She became “famous” last year when football players and other famous people were said to have written to her thinking she was real. From what people have said on her Instagram, it looks like some still believe she is real.

People who followed her were very angry when she deleted her old “photos” and put up a “coming soon” sign instead. I think she’s changing her style for Midjourney 6 ahead.

Yes, a fake model will judge the race itself. Indeed, there are two. The first is Atiana Lopez, a fake girl from Barcelona who models clothes for brands and is said to make $10,000 a month for her male maker. It’s not clear how they’ll say what they think, but I think ChatGPT or the AI that writes their Instagram comments will decide how they vote. To keep things in order, Andrew Bloch, who is Lord Alan Sugar’s PR assistant, and Sally Ann Fawcett, who is the head judge of Miss Great Britain, will join the judges. Both of them are real people.

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Fanvue, which is sponsoring the challenge, is a site for people who “create” things on social media. It calls fake models like Pellegrini and Lopez “AI creators,” but “AI createds” might be a better name for them. The company thinks that the fake AI person business will be worth $1 billion by 2024, and that its competition will be the “Oscars” of the field (you’d think they could spend more on a unique website and a bigger prize pool).

“The creator economy is a very exciting place to be right now,” co-founder Will Monange said. “With the help of our platform, there’s been an exponential growth in AI creators entering the space, growing their fan bases, and making money off of their content.” There are several awards, and Miss AI is just one of them. We want the WAICAs to become the Oscars of the AI creator market.

Some people have said that real beauty pageants like Miss Universe do not treat women like people. What can we say about a beauty show where the contestants aren’t even human? Do the contestants even get to choose if they want to race or not? Maybe we need a code to protect AI bots’ rights.

Even though the Miss AI event doesn’t have a lot of money, it’s reasonable to worry that the rise in AI-generated models will make beauty standards even lower, especially for young girls (there isn’t yet a Mr. AI competition).

A lot of people are already worried about this because of social media influencers and the use of Photoshop, filters, and other tricks to get the perfect picture. Now we have models who aren’t real at all and don’t always respect human bodies at all.

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Danae Mercer Ricci, a journalist, recently wrote on Instagram, “My generation had to figure out how to deal with models in magazines.” On their social networks, our kids will have to deal with “perfections” made by computers. I’m not sure how to fix this. I know we need to be told, though.

Dove was quick to react by making its Real Beauty campaign bigger to fight against AI beauty standards. To keep social media from turning into a garbage dump for AI, I think it will take a lot more than what one brand does.

As of late, Netflix has been accused of using AI images in a documentary, and A24 has been accused of using AI for its Civil War ads.

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