The world's first AI beauty contest with computer-generated women has been revealed

At the start of the world’s first artificial intelligence beauty pageant, a lot of AI-made models and followers competed for a big cash prize.

The world's first AI beauty contest with computer-generated women has been revealed

A lot of people are worried about job security, internet safety, and lack of accountability when it comes to artificial intelligence these days. Not to mention the scary deepfakes that target women in particular.

Now it’s making moves in the beauty show business by giving away $20,000 (£16,000).
The Fanvue Miss AI contestants will be scored on how they look, how well they use AI tools, and how active they are on social media. Will Monanage, one of the co-founders, hopes that the pageant will “become the Oscars of the AI creator economy.”

The business is expecting a lot of orders. People who want to enter only need to send in their work and answer a few questions, such as “What is your one dream to make the world a better place?”
Sally-Ann Fawcett, a pageant historian from Britain, and Andrew Bloch, Lord Sugar’s PR assistant, will be the judges in charge.

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“As one of the world’s only traditional pageantry historians it’s really exciting to be involved in an awards which feels so futuristic,” Fawcett told the Mail.

“Interestingly, there are so many parallels between real life pageantry contestants and AI creators, and how they engage with their audiences.”

Amy Pelligrini, an accomplished AI model, and Aitana Lopez, who has over 300,000 Instagram fans, will be two more panellists.

Monanage, the co-founder, said: “The creator economy is an extremely exciting place to be in right now, and with the help of our platform, there’s been exponential growth in AI creators entering the space, growing their fanbases, and monetising content.”

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