2024 Copa America Drama Controversial Offside Goal by Uruguay Seals USMNT's Fate.
2024 Copa America Drama Controversial Offside Goal by Uruguay Seals USMNT’s Fate.

The United States was fighting hard against Uruguay to stay alive in the Copa América 2024, but many calls by the referees went against them, letting Uruguay take the lead just after the hour mark.

2024 Copa America: Here are five key points

1. Matias Olivera’s Goal Controversy:

The first goal for Uruguay was scored by Matias Olivera in the 66th minute, but replays showed that he was definitely offside when Ronald Araujo’s header set up the goal.

2. 2024 Copa America: VAR Decision Confusion

Fans and observers were confused because the goal was confirmed after a VAR review, even though it looked like Chris Richards was offside. The VAR image also seemed to show a questionable call involving Richards’ big toe.

3. Critical Refereeing Decisions:

Critical Refereeing Decisions: Referee Kevin Ortega was criticised for a number of questionable choices, such as showing a yellow card while letting play continue and not giving the USA a clear shot on goal during a key attacking chance.

4. Impact on the Match:

Effects on the Game: The series of questionable decisions, especially the confirmation of the disputed goal, had a big effect on the result of the game and on the USMNT’s chances of moving on in the 2024 Copa America.

5. VAR (Video assistant referee) Officials Involved:

VAR Officials Involved: The goal decision was made by Carlos Orbe, an Ecuadorian VAR official, with help from Bryan Loayza. This added to the scrutiny and criticism of the referees’ work in this important game.

Uruguay’s controversial offside goal against the US: how VAR confirmed Matias Olivera’s first goal to defeat the USMNT at the Copa America

The United States was fighting hard against Uruguay to stay alive in the Copa América, but many calls by the referees went against them, letting Uruguay take the lead just after the hour mark.

The United States kept looking for the first goal after the first half ended 1-0 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. They needed a win to move on to the next round.

Mateias Olivera scored a goal for Uruguay in the 66th minute, but it looked like VAR would call it back.

Images seemed to show that the goal was offside, but the goal was still confirmed, leaving fans completely confused by what seemed like a silly decision.

Was the Uruguay goal against the USA unfair?

The first goal for Uruguay against the US was scored by Matias Olivera, but it looked like he was clearly offside when he scored it.

Ronald Araujo headed a free kick on frame, and Matt Turner had to get down and make a big save off of it. The United States lost because Olivera was standing right there when the ball bounced back and he tapped it into the open net for the game’s first goal.

On video review, however, it was clear that Olivera was not onside when Araujo headed the ball, so the goal was sent to VAR for review.

Still, it turned out to be a fair goal, and Uruguay took the lead. Even Fox Sports commentators John Strong and Stu Holden didn’t understand what the ruling meant.
When the VAR picture with the lines drawn on it seemed to show that Chris Richards’ big toe was playing Olivera off, but even that wasn’t clear.

After the USA vs. Uruguay game, referee Kevin Ortega was criticized

People from all sides of the USA vs. Uruguay match criticized the judge in the middle for making several bad calls during the game.

When he took care of this huge game with the host country getting the most attention, Peruvian official Kevin Ortega had only been in six senior international games before.

In the middle of the first half, when he blew his whistle to give U.S. defender Chris Richards a yellow card, it stood out the most. Even though he still had the yellow card in his hand, he waved play on when Uruguay tried to play quickly. People who had stopped when the whistle went off were confused and had to rush. At the end, Matt Turner made a save.

Soon after, Ortega did the exact opposite, calling a foul on Christian Pulisic while he was dribbling into the attacking half while he was alone on the bench. All of a sudden, he failed to take advantage when it was clear what should be done.

A video review judge named Carlos Orbe and his assistant, VAR Bryan Loayza, decided the goal. Both are from Ecuador.

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