Copa America 2024
Copa America 2024
  • There are 32 games in the Copa America 2024.
  • The tournament starts on June 20 at 8 p.m. ET.
  • The game will take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.

There are 32 games scheduled for the 16 teams that are competing in the Copa America 2024 over the course of three weeks.

The Copa America 2024 has 10 CONMEBOL teams and 6 CONCACAF teams, while the Copa America 2021 only had CONMEBOL teams. Mexico, Jamaica, Panama, Canada, and Costa Rica, along with the host country, the United States, qualified for the event in March 2024. They will now play against South American teams for the coveted international trophy.

The 16 teams were put into four groups. To move on to the Knockout Stage, they had to finish first or second in their group. The Copa America 2024 has six more teams than the last event, so there are more games and action to keep track of, especially in the Group Stage.

Here is a list of all the games that will be played at Copa America 2024.

Full list of games for Copa America 2024

See the full list of Copa America 2024 games.

Group: A matches

Argentina vs. CanadaJune 208 p.m. ET
Peru vs. ChileJune 218 p.m. ET
Peru vs. CanadaJune 256 p.m. ET
Chile vs. ArgentinaJune 259 p.m. ET
Argentina vs. PeruJune 298 p.m. ET
Canada vs. ChileJune 298 p.m. ET

Group B matches

Ecuador vs. VenezuelaJune 226 p.m. ET
Mexico vs. JamaicaJune 229 p.m. ET
Ecuador vs. JamaicaJune 266 p.m. ET
Venezuela vs. MexicoJune 269 p.m. ET
Jamaica vs. VenezuelaJune 308 p.m. ET
Mexico vs. EcuadorJune 308 p.m. ET

Group C matches

USA vs. BoliviaJune 236 p.m. ET
Uruguay vs. PanamaJune 239 p.m. ET
Panama vs. USAJune 276 p.m. ET
Uruguay vs. BoliviaJune 279 p.m. ET
Bolivia vs. PanamaJuly 19 p.m. ET
USA vs. UruguayJuly 19 p.m. ET

Group D matches

Colombia vs. ParaguayJune 246 p.m. ET
Brazil vs. Costa RicaJune 249 p.m. ET
Colombia vs. Costa RicaJune 286 p.m. ET
Paraguay vs. BrazilJune 289 p.m. ET
Costa Rica vs. ParaguayJuly 29 p.m. ET
Brazil vs. ColombiaJuly 29 p.m. ET

Quarter-final matches

Group A winner vs. Group B runner-upJuly 4TBD
Group B winner vs. Group A runner-upJuly 5TBD
Group C winner vs. Group D runner-upJuly 6TBD
Group D winner vs. Group C runner-upJuly 6TBD

Semifinal matches

QF1 winner vs. QF2 winnerJuly 9TBD
QF3 winner vs. QF4 winnerJuly 10TBD

Third-Place match

Semifinal loser vs. semifinal loserJuly 13TBD

Copa America Final

Semifinal winner vs. semifinal winnerJuly 14TBD

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