Copa America Drama Ecuador Scores Bizarre Own Goal vs. Jamaica
Copa America Drama Ecuador Scores Bizarre Own Goal vs. Jamaica.

Jamaica scored the first goal in the history of the Copa America, but it went into the wrong net because midfielder Kasey Palmer deflected Piero Hincapié’s cross past Jahmali Waite, who was playing goalie. This goal could be very important because, based on how things go, the Reggae Boyz could be sent home. Although there have already been seven own goals in the Euros, they are now making their way to the 2024 Copa America.

Jamaica made things worse when they gave up a penalty right before halftime, which Kendry Páez scored for his first goal of the event.

Take a look at the out of one’s mind own goal:

It should have been easy for Waite to claim, but his defender deflected it just enough to send it over his arms. Ecuador lost their first game to Venezuela because Enner Valencia is sent off in the 20th minute. Since then, things have been going well for them.

Michail Antonio scored Jamaica’s first real goal of the Copa America 2024 in the second half with a finish from close range.

Antonio had a goal against Mexico taken away because he was offside, but this one will stand and make history for the Reggae Boyz. Since both teams lost their first games in the league, they have everything to lose when they play each other.


Q1: Has Ecuador ever won a Copa America?

Answer: Since it began in 1916, the CONMEBOL game has been held 47 times. Eight of the ten national teams have won at least one time. Ecuador and Venezuela are the only teams that have yet to win.

Q2: Why is Jamaica in Copa America?

Answer: Jamaica is not a part of CONMEBOL, the South American football organization. Because CONMEBOL only has ten member associations, though, guest countries have been asked every year since 1993.

Q3: Who has the most Copa America wins?

Answer: The top two teams move on to the next round. Uruguay and Argentina both have 15 Copa America wins, which is a record. However, since winning its last title in 2011, Uruguay hasn’t made it past the quarterfinals.

Q4: Who is the top scorer in Copa?

Answer: The Top scorer is given below:

YearPlayer’s NameCountry
2021Lionel Messi & Luis Díaz (4 goals each)Argentina, Colombia
2019Everton & Paolo Guerrero (3 goals each)Brazil, Peru
2016Eduardo Vargas (6 goals)Chile
2015Eduardo Vargas & Paolo Guerrero (4 goals each)Chile, Peru

Q5: Which team has never lost to Brazil?

Answer: Only four national teams have ever beaten Brazil. Along with Senegal, Norway is the only team to have never lost to Brazil, with two wins and two draws in three friendlies (1988, 1997, and 2006) and a World Cup group stage match in 1998.

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