Score, result, and highlights of Mexico vs. Jamaica as El Tri moves on to the CONCACAF Gold Cup final against Panama
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Mexico beat Jamaica 3-0 in a 2023 CONCACAF Gold Cup match in Las Vegas, putting them in the final. They will play Panama in the final on Sunday at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

El Tri took the lead when Henry Martin scored after only two minutes. The game was over when Luis Chavez put a left-footed free kick into the top left corner. Roberto “El Piojo” Alvarado put in a third goal with a tap-in as time ran out.

The early goal set the tone for the rest of the game, and Mexico did a great job of handling the result, making it hard for a full-strength Jamaica team to win. But Leon Bailey, Demarai Gray, and Michail Antonio, who are all Premier League stars and play for the Reggae Boyz, couldn’t make any serious chances that would have troubled Mexico goalie Memo Ochoa.

Mexico will play for the regional title they last won in 2019, and they are the favorites to win at SoFi Stadium against surprise finalists Panama. In the semifinals, Panama beat the USA on penalty kicks, which was a big surprise.

Since the embarrassing 3-0 Nations League playoff loss to the USA in June, which cost Diego Cocca his job, the recovery under temporary manager Jaime Lozano is almost complete in just a few weeks. Mexico’s news sites think that if Lozano wins the Gold Cup, it will be enough for him to keep the job permanently.

Mexico vs Jamaica end score

FinalGoal Scorers
Mexico3Henry Martin (Jesus Gallardo) 2′ Luis Chavez 30′ Roberto Alvarado (Jesus Gallardo) 93′


Mexico (4-3-3): 13-Ochoa (GK) — 19-J. Sanchez, 3-Montes, 5-J. Vasquez, 23-Gallardo — 14 E. Sanchez, 8 C. Rodriguez (64), 7-Romo, 18-L. Chavez (4-Alvarez, 72′) — 15-Antuna (10-Alvarado, 72′), 20-Martin (11-Gimenez 64′), 17-Pineda (16-Lainez, 87′)

Jamaica (4-4-2): 1-Blake (GK) — 21-J. Brown (2-Lembikisa, 51′), 6-Bernard, 17-Lowe, 4-Bell vs. 10-Reid, 15-Latibeaudiere (8-Johnson, 85′), 3-Lambert (11-Nicholson, 46′), 7-Bailey vs. 12-Gray, 18-Antonio (14-Richards, 85′).

Another clean sheet for Mexico

Cesar Montes and Johan Vasquez have never lost a game when they both start at center back for El Tri (four wins and a draw), and they showed why during the game by making tough tackles, dominating in the air, defending fiercely, and making few mistakes.

They helped set the tone for Mexico’s defense, which spent most of the game protecting and keeping their lead. It was part of the game plan against a Jamaican team that kept moving forward and using its star forwards to press and attack. But they came across a group of Mexicans who were ready to fight.

“I like not giving up goals the most,” Mexico boss Jaime Lozano said in a press conference after the game. “Today, I think the team protected a lead in the second half and at the end of the first half instead of continuing to control and attack. We were up 2-0 and didn’t want to leave any space behind us, so we played good defense the whole time.”

Did Jaime Lozano do enough to earn Mexico job?

The change from Diego Cocca to Jaime Lozano, which happened in just a few weeks, has been dramatic. Under Lozano, it’s clear that the Mexican players are happy, confident, and driven, and that they have come together as a team.

It shows in the way Mexico has played in the Gold Cup, and the results have shown that it is true. Even Jamaica’s coach said that, despite the skilled players on the Reggae Boyz team, Mexico played better as a team than Jamaica.

So, has Lozano done enough to stay on the job full-time? Or does he have to win the Gold Cup for the job to be done? The choice is up to Juan Carlos Rodriguez, who is the head of the Mexican union.

“[Rodriguez] made it clear that I was here for the Gold Cup,” temporary coach Lozano said about Rodriguez’s message to him. “Three weeks ago, I didn’t have a job, but one person believed in me and what I could do. “Sometimes, not everyone has to believe in you if the person making the choice does. And when they give you the chance, you have to take it so that when they make the [final] choice, you’ve given them something to think about.I’m thankful for the chance and the things I’ve been able to do. If that person [Rodriguez] didn’t believe in me, I would just be another person at home cheering for the national team.”

The Gold Cup final will be between Mexico and Panama

The only thing standing between Jaime Lozano and the prize he was chosen to win is a Panamanian team that has played with the same teamwork and focus as Mexico. Lozano doesn’t think it’s an accident.

“Having faith in the process has helped Panama,” Lozano said. “They put their faith in Thomas Christiansen as a coach and gave him time to work, and he’s given them results.”And they know how they want to play. It has a nice look to it.

Today, Panama can give any team a game. They know how to play the game well. Panama has been doing things well for a while now. They’ve been close to qualifying for the World Cup for the past two or three times. I like their music. “Their teacher is good.

Updates, clips, and thoughts on the Gold Cup Final between Mexico and Jamaica

Mexico 3-0 Jamaica

93rd minute: Scoring Mexico! Jesus Gallardo makes a great run down the left side of the box and crosses the ball into the middle, where ‘El Piojo’ Alvarado taps it in. Game over. 3-0.

Chance at 90 minutes Jamaica. Leon Bailey misses the top left corner on a set piece from outside the box. And that felt like the Reggae Boyz’s last chance. There are now four minutes more.

85 minutes: SUB Jamaica. The Reggae Boyz try this one last time with two substitutes. One of the people who left was Michail Antonio.

78th minute: Chances for Mexico! Three in a short amount of time. First, Santi Gimenez was out of position on one attack, and then El Tri got two more shots off in Jamaica’s box right after that.

Chance at 75 minutes Jamaica! Luis Romo of Mexico gives the ball away, and Michail Antonio shoots from inside the box, but he can’t beat Memo Ochoa from a hard angle.

The 72nd minute: Mexico. El Tri want to make the outcome official right now. Edson Alvarez is in for Luis Chavez, who was hurt at the end of the last match. In place of Uriel Antuna, “Piojo” Alvarado will play on the left.

What a chance for Shamar Nicholson in the 68th minute! He pushed a Mexican player off the ball, but then he shot as hard as he could, but the ball went high.

63:00: The first half is still going on as the second half starts. There were a lot of physical fights and a few yellow cards, but there weren’t many real chances. Mexico, meanwhile, sends Santi Gimenez and Charly Rodriguez out.

Uriel Antuna gets a YELLOW card for a hit on Leon Bailey in the 60th minute. But the replays show that Bailey kicks at Antuna from the ground. And it’s taking the VAR a long time to figure out what’s going on.

In the 55th minute, Jamaica’s Di’Shon Bernard hits Henry Martin from behind and gets a YELLOW card. That’s the third sign that the Reggae Boyz need to be careful.

51st min.: SUB Jamaica. Jamaica gets a second sub, and a new right back comes into the game. Dexter Lembikisa is taking over for Javain Brown, who hurt his foot with a high boot in the first half.

In the 46th minute, the second half has begun. Jamaica replaces defensive player Kevon Lambert, who got a yellow card, with big forward Shamar Nicholson. Demarai Gray will return to the middle of the field.

So Mexico will have a hard time in the second half with Nicholson, Michail Antonio, Gray, Bobby Reid, and Leon Bailey coming at them from behind. It’s a five-man attack up front.

Mexico at halftime 2-0 Jamaica

Halftime: This is Mexico’s fifth game in this Gold Cup, and they’ve already established who they are. They came out on fire and scored in the first minute of the game. After that, they were able to control the game and scored another goal on a set piece.

But what’s amazing is that Demarai Gray, Bobby Reid, and Michail Antonio haven’t bothered Mexico, except for Demarai Gray’s shot, which Mexico goalkeeper Memo Ochoa easily stopped. In the first half, Mexico had nine more shots than Jamaica.

Two minutes of stopping time in the 45th minute.

44th minute: Neither team is really getting ready to attack in a strong way. Mexico just wants to get to halftime with a 2-0 lead.

In the 39th minute, Kevon Lambert of Jamaica gets a YELLOW card. This is the second card given to the Reggae Boyz. The first one was at center-back. Luis Chavez gave Damion Lowe a yellow card right before the goal.

Injury delay in the 37th minute. Right back Jamaica After a challenge from Orbelin Pineda, who may have had his foot up, Javain Brown stays on the ground.

30 minutes: Mexico scores! What a left-footed free kick by Luis Chavez! On a set piece, he puts it in the top left spot. He hit it as well as he could have. His left foot is always a danger.

Stop in the 27th minute. When the ball hits the roving spider cam above the field, the judge has to call a restart, and Mexico gives the ball right back to Jamaica.

23th minute: Let’s go to Mexico! El Tri gets the ball in Jamaica’s half, and it ends up at Luis Chavez’s feet just outside the box. He tries to do something amazing with his magic left foot, but he just misses the shot.

20 minutes: There is a lull in the game. Right now, neither team can bother the other, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting hard for the ball. With their dangerous forwards, Jamaica is still very much in the game.

10th minute: Let’s go to Mexico! Just outside the Jamaica box, Luis Romo passes the ball to Erick “El Chiquito” Sanchez. Sanchez shoots low, but Jamaica goalkeeper Andre Blake deflects it for a corner. It has no effect.

Luis Romo is playing deep in center. Erick Sanchez is the player who is trying to get forward the most.

7th minute: Both teams are coming out strong to start the game. But when El Tri scored, the crowd, which was smaller than you might expect for Mexico in Las Vegas, started doing the wave. The wave that came first.

2nd min.: Goal Mexico! After the Jamaican set-piece, it’s a counter from Mexico, and Jesus Gallardo crosses it from the left. Henry Martin is by himself near the penalty spot. He takes control of the ball and scores. What a way for Mexico to start!

First minute: Let’s go. Right away, Jamaica went into Mexico’s half and won a free kick.


Two minutes before kickoff: Everyone is on the field. We are ready to start.

10 minutes before the game: After beating the USA on spot kicks in San Diego, Panama will play the winner of this game in the Gold Cup final. When they hear the name “Panama,” Mexico or Jamaica will like their chances, but they shouldn’t be taken for granted.

The scene at Las Vegas’s Allegiant Stadium, 30 minutes before start, where this exciting match will take place.

45 minutes before the game: Lineups are out. Edson Alvarez isn’t 100%, so he starts on the bench for Mexico. This is a huge loss, even though the center trio played well without him in the first two games.

El Tri doesn’t get to play on Alvarez’s team against Jamaica, which is a strong team that keeps the same group that beat Guatemala in the playoffs.

1 hour and 30 minutes until kickoff: The last time Jamaica played Mexico in the semifinals of this tournament, the Reggae Boyz won, in part because goalie Andre Blake stood on his head. He said it was the best game he had ever played abroad.

Mexico vs Jamaica lineups

Mexico boss Jaime Lozano has stuck with his tried-and-true team for this event, with one exception. Edson Alvarez’s injury against Costa Rica was bad enough to keep him out of the starting position, so Erick “El Chiquito” Sanchez has replaced him. The best center play of the event came from Sanchez, Romero, and Chavez.

The starting lineup for Mexico (4-3-3): 13-Guillermo Ochoa (GK) — 19-Jorge Sanchez, 3-Cesar ‘El Cachorro’ Montes, 5-Johan Vasquez, 23-Jesus Gallardo — 14-Erick ‘El Chiquito’ Sanchez, 7-Luis Romo, 18-Luis Chavez — 15-Uriel Antuna, 20-Henry Martin, 17-Orbelin Pineda

Mexico subs (12): 1-Jose Antonio Rodriguez (GK), 12-Luis Angel Malagon (GK), 2-Julian Araujo, 21-Israel Reyes, 22-Victor Guzman, 6-Gerardo Arteaga, 8-Carlos ‘Charly’ Rodriguez, 4-Edson Alvarez, 10-Roberto Alvarado, 16-Diego Lainez,  9-Ozziel Herrera, 11-Santiago Gimenez.

During the tournament, Jamaica’s manager Heimir Hallgrimsson has changed a few spots, mostly in the back line. However, for the game against Mexico, he has decided to use the same starting group that won against Guatemala. That means former Manchester United player Di’Shon Bernard, who is 22 years old, is better at center back than Adrian Mariappa, who has been playing for a long time.

Jamaica starting lineup (4-4-2): 1-Andre Blake (K) — 21-Javain Brown, 17-Damion Lowe, 6-Di’Shon Bernard, 4-Amari’i Bell — 10-Bobby Reid, 15-Joel Latibeaudiere, 3-Kevon Lambert, 7-Leon Bailey beats 12-Demarai Gray and 18-Michail Antonio.

Jamaica’s subs (11) are 13-Coniah Boyce-Clarke (GK), 23-Jahmali Waite (GK), 2-Dexter Lembikisa, 19-Adrian Mariappa, 20. Kevin Lawrence, 8-Daniel Johnson, 14-Dujuan Richards, 16-Kaheem Parris, 22-Jon Russell, 9-Cory Burke, and 11-Shamar Nicholson.

Live stream of Mexico vs. Jamaica game, TV channel

Here’s what you need to know about the live stream and TV station in the US and Canada to watch the Mexico vs. Jamaica semifinal:


• The date is July 12; the time is 10:30 p.m. ET (7:30 p.m. PT)

FS1, Univision, and TUDN are the TV channels. Fubo, the Fox Sports site/app, and TUDN’s site/app can be streamed.

In the United States, the match will be shown on FS1 (in English) and Univision and TUDN (in Spanish). All three stations can be watched on Fubo, which offers new users a free trial.

Subscribers to cable, satellite, or telco packages can use these verified details to view a live stream on the Fox Sports or TUDN site or app.


• The date is July 12; the time is 10:30 p.m. ET (7:30 p.m. PT)

• TV channel: Telus Optik TV (Channel 980)

• Streaming: Fubo Canada and the OneSoccer website/app

Canada’s Telus Optik TV (Channel 980), where the OneSoccer feed will be shown, will show the game.

It will also be shown on Fubo Canada and for members on the OneSoccer website and app.

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