Officials say that Lisa Marie Presley died because her weight loss surgery went wrong.
Officials say that Lisa Marie Presley died because her weight loss surgery went wrong. © Images AGN

LOS ANGELES — Authorities said Thursday that Lisa Marie Presley died because of problems from diet surgery she had years ago.

The singer, songwriter, and heir of Elvis Presley died of a small bowel blockage on January 12 at age 54. This was found to be a natural death.

The office of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner released the results of an autopsy on Elvis Presley on Thursday afternoon. The report gave more information about what led to his death.

The story says that the problem that Elvis Presley had is a regular problem with bariatric surgery, which is a way to lose weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, it is often done when other ways of losing weight haven’t worked or when a person has a major health problem.

Presley died in a Los Angeles hospital. Paramedics took her there after getting a 911 call about a woman having a heart attack at her home. At the time, there was no sign of what might have caused the health problem.

The autopsy report said that earlier in the day, she had been moaning of stomach pain.

She was buried on January 22 at Graceland, the house where she and her father lived when she was a child and which is now a museum, a place of pilgrimage for Elvis fans, and a tourist draw.

Riley Keough, who played Daisy Jones in “Daisy Jones & the Six,” is 34 years old. Harper and Finley Lockwood, who are twins, are 15 years old. A boy, Benjamin Keough, died in 2020.

Right after she died, it looked like there would be a big court battle over Elvis Presley’s fortune. Four days after Lisa Marie Presley’s funeral, her mother, Priscilla Presley, went to court to dispute a change that was made to her living trust in 2016. In that change, Priscilla Presley and a former business manager were removed as trustees, and Lisa Marie Presley’s two oldest children were put in their place.

But in May, Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough, who is now the only director, came to a deal.

Riley Keough was nominated for her first Emmy on Wednesday for her role in “Daisy Jones & the Six.” She was nominated for best actor in a limited series or TV movie.

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