A transgender woman wins a big sports title.
A transgender woman wins a big sports title.

A transgender woman wins a big sports title.

Major sports title won by transgender woman.
Major sports title won by transgender woman.

Noa-Lynn van Leuven, a transgender professional darts player from the Netherlands, won her first Professional Darts Corporation Women’s Series title this week by beating Katie Sheldon, an Irish player, at the game in Wigan over the weekend.

The big win was shared by PDC Darts on social media, along with a video of the event.

“VAN LEUVEN WINS! Noa-In Wigan, Lynn van Leuven wins her first PDC Women’s Series title! Late double trouble doesn’t stop Van Leuven from beating Irish youngster Katie Sheldon in the Event Two final!” PDC Darts wrote in a post on X, the social media site that used to be called Twitter.

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About a week ago, she beat men in a mixed event, which led to this win.

Matt Porter, the CEO of the PDC, made it clear in an interview earlier this year that van Leuven is well within the rules for the PDC. He said that she “complies with, easily, and has done for a long time.”

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An Australian Broadcasting Corporation report says he said, “She more than deserves her place in the women’s world match play.”

A letter from the VU University Medical Center says that Van Leuven’s testosterone level has been below a certain level for the past 12 months. He said this in an interview last year.

Next Impulse Sports was the first to report that a transgender woman won a big sports championship.

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