Lee Trevino shows you how to hit the golf ball fairly well.
Lee Trevino shows you how to hit the golf ball fairly well.

He knows a lot about golf and is one of the most famous players in the world. Because golf is such a technical game, it often comes down to the smallest details.

Trevino is aware of this and knows how to handle it. He gave the next crop of golfers some good tips on how to hit the ball well.

Tour Pro shared a short video of Trevino on X (formerly Twitter) where he talks about how to make better touch with the ball:

“This 5 minute lesson from Lee Trevino on how to make better contact with the golf ball is so good.”

He said that a golfer’s body is like a tree trunk and that the arms must always be tied to the tree. He also said that where the ball is important for how well the strike is hit. The arms can’t reach the ball if it’s too far ahead because the golfer’s body doesn’t move:

“The arms and legs are rising up before they hit the golf ball.” They hit the ball low on the club when they come up. Some good players also hit the ball to the left, which is where you are. You also hit the ball lower than most people.

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Trevino said that this has a huge effect on how the golf ball flies and where it goes. He also said that players must hit the ball hard and solidly in order for it to go where they want it to. If they don’t, they will usually have trouble.

Lee Trevino said to get closer to the ball and remember that you can’t reach too far. If you do, you won’t hit the ball right, and you’ll never get better at this part of the game.

Lee Trevino doesn’t like golf rollback

Soon, there will be a rule in golf called “rollback” that will make it impossible to hit the ball nearly as far as they can now. But not everyone likes the change that is being made to golf in order to stop the courses from getting longer and longer.

According to Golf.com, Lee Trevino doesn’t like the golf return rule at all:

“Well, you know what? I feel mixed about what they’re doing to it right now. They’re a little mad about… It seems to them that the golf courses are too short.

“These guys work out, so they’re bigger and don’t have as much fat on them as I do.” They hit it so far because they’re bigger and taller. Also, the golf clubs are stronger because of how they are made.

Trevino went on to say:

“But the problem is that golf clubs have been made with less loft, but because they are hollow and the cavity back is built in a certain way, the ball bounces up and goes farther.” Everyone is getting scared and saying things like, “We need to make the golf courses longer!”

As tennis has grown, Trevino asked out loud if this was a problem that the sport would run into. He made a joke that tennis players are getting too good, so there should be a notch for that too. It’s safe to say that he doesn’t like the changes that are coming to golf.

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