People complain about the LIV Tour, the PGA Tour, and Jon Rahm, and some say they are losing interest in golf.
People complain about the LIV Tour, the PGA Tour, and Jon Rahm, and some say they are losing interest in golf.

A few emails from readers made me write a piece earlier this month that asked a simple question: Is the fight between the PGA Tour and the LIV Tour making some people lose interest in golf and turn off their TVs?

There were a lot of emails from golf fans or people who used to like golf that said the same things as the first few emails. They aren’t as passionate about the professional game as they used to be because of all the fights, players leaving for huge amounts of money, and top players being split into two tours. That there is enough blame for everyone, they say.

Before I read some of those comments, I need to make two things clear. First, some of the language was toned down to make it easier to read in print or on the web. Next, I’d be happy to show you the emails that support the LIV Tour and what Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson, and Jon Rahm are doing with it. But I really didn’t get a single email that supported LIV and its goal. Instead, it was the opposite, though the PGA Tour did get some bad press too.

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Ruth is one of the golf fans who no longer thinks that watching golf on TV is fun.

“For the past few years, my TV has been set to the Golf Channel as a way to escape the bad news about our government,” she wrote in an email. “Watching golf now just makes me feel more stressed because it reminds me of how hard things have become in the world. It’s not nearly as fun as it used to be.”

Rich from Virginia said he doesn’t watch as much PGA Tour golf because the pros are just as spoiled and greedy as players in other sports. He doesn’t like players who have jumped to LIV, though.

“A lot of the people who have jumped to LIV are what bother me the most and are turning me off.” That person was only as good as their word, and I really believe that. “That thought clearly shows that DJ (Dustin Johnson), Rahm, and everyone else who swore allegiance to the PGA Tour but changed their minds when the money was better than their honor are not good men,” Rich wrote. They are forced to say “growing the game” because it’s in their script, probably because they are afraid of the law or being hurt.

Eric is another reader who complains about how greedy current players are. Even though it’s important to remember that pros play for money, Eric still has issues with having so much money.

“I know things are hard for the PGA Tour, but I don’t care about LIV and never will.” I agree with you that money doesn’t talk, it screams. But the big players on both tracks only seem to care about getting rich, no matter what the consequences are. I don’t watch as much golf on TV these days, and when I do, I turn it down loud, but that’s a different complaint. I think all golf fans just want this stuff to stop. It’s making things bad for everyone.”

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Making fun of history?

Eric takes a shot at Rahm with this.

Say goodbye to it. It felt like Rahm was spitting on Arnold Palmer’s grave when he took the money after all the talk about how loyal he was to the tour.

A lot of people were angry at Rahm, who was the most recent player to join LIV after criticizing that tour and its rules less than a year before. It is said that Rahm made about $565 million for going to LIV, but emailer John is not moved.

“I get why the former stars who aren’t stars anymore want to limit fields.” What about Rahm? Let’s go. Are you sure? chum shows with 54 holes. I believed he was tougher than that. What a huge letdown. Jackson Mickelson I get. He’s past his prime and was angry, just like Norman. Get $200 million to make money off of his name. He was no longer going to win on the PGA tour, even though he kept saying, “I’m so close.”

Some fans were not as nice to the LIV golfers.

“I will never watch LIV golf.” Kenneth from Palm Springs said, “I think the players who go there are nothing but prostitutes for the Saudi sheiks.” “Because of this, I have stopped watching golf.” I might watch the big leagues, but that’s all.”

Bernie in his email used a word that many people have used to describe Rahm: phony. He did add a few extras, though.

Bernie said, “I’m all for everyone making as much money as they can, but it’s hard for me to support people who are already making millions but are willing to give up their values to go after the mega millions.”

Do not believe that the readers are having a PGA Tour love-in until you read things like this from Brent.

“The head of the PGA Tour should have been fired a long time ago.” That plan of his was terrible. “You can’t try to compete with someone who has every resource known to man,” Brent said. Later, he said, “The PGA Tour Commissioner’s business plan for LIV from the start has definitely hurt the game of golf.”

“Does anyone run the PGA who knows how to keep their business safe from fraud?” NO,” said Nicholas in the email. The fact that the PGA couldn’t get the majors to agree to ban LIV will mean the end of the PGA Tour. In the future, people will wonder how the PGA Tour let it happen. “Stupid people all of them.”

There were a few more replies, but these were the most important parts of those texts. The PGA Tour messed up this fight, the LIV Tour doesn’t matter to many readers, and fans are leaving the professional game because they’re tired of the fighting and calling each other names.

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