Jake Paul was right about the WNBA after Caitlin Clark was hit hard in the shoulder.

Jake Paul has joined the conversation about Chennedy Carter’s controversial foul on WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark and how Angel Reese reacted to it. The fighter is the latest famous athlete to talk about the cynical barge, which caused a lot of trouble during the WNBA game between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever.

Jake Paul was right about the WNBA after Caitlin Clark was hit hard in the shoulder.
Jake Paul was right about the WNBA after Caitlin Clark was hit hard in the shoulder.

During a tense night in Indianapolis, the former Iowa college basketball star had the last laugh as her team won their first home game of the season. Clark led the way for the Fever with 11 points, 8 boards, and 6 assists, giving them a 71–70 win.

But the push on the kid, which was called a usual foul at the time, has been the main topic of conversation about the game since then. The WNBA has now upgraded Carter’s hit to a flagrant-1 penalty. She left the Fever rookie lying on the floor after the hit in the third quarter of the game.

When asked about the incident at a press conference after the game, the Chicago star wouldn’t say anything. Reese was also criticised for cheering the push from the bench. Finally, boxer Paul spoke out about the issue. He said, “Hating on Caitlin Clark is hating on opportunity for an entire sport.”

One fan replied in the comments, “She’s the reason everyone is getting raises and private charter planes for the NBA, so why do they want her gone?” Another fan who supported Clark said, “Caitlin Clark should quit the NBA and join the Big 3 and watch the NBA fall apart.” “She’s bigger than basketball for women.”

Paul, the former YouTuber who got into a fight, said similar things, and golf influencer Paige Spiranac said something similar: “Imagine bringing millions of new fans to the game, which will make every player more money, and they treat you like this.” “A rising tide brings all boats to shore.”

It was sports media mogul Dave Portnoy who had one of the harshest reactions to the whole thing. He seemed annoyed by Carter’s actions and Reese’s response. In a tweet, he wrote, “MAKE THEM ALL FLY COMMERCIAL!!!”I missed this. Angel Reese is really silly. She lost to Caitlin again, he said later, and then he called her out again when she was seen walking with Carter at the end of the third quarter. He said, “Angel Reese celebrating a blatant cheap shot like she won a title.” “Being jealous is a sickness.”

Clark had a clear reaction to what happened. She told Carter, “Yeah, that’s just not a basketball play,” that what she did was wrong. But you know what? At this level of basketball, I have to play through it. I thought we played really hard. We missed some bunnies around the basket, so let’s hope they fall in the fourth.”

“Things are the way they are. I think I’m just at the point where you take it and don’t fight back. Let them hit you, no matter what. Don’t let it bother you or let you know it’s coming. I know I’ll take a few hard shots every game at this point. That’s just how it is.”

Clark also said, “I’m trying not to let it bother me. I just want to stay in the game and know what’s important.” Because if you fight back, it’s usually the second person who gets caught. I just want to stay in the game and pay attention to my team and what’s important.

Frequently Asked Questions: WNBA

Q1: What is the WNBA?

Answer: The Twelve teams that make up the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) are made up of the best women’s basketball players in the world.

Q2: Where can I buy tickets to WNBA games?

Answer: Want to see WNBA stars work in real life? You can get tickets for every team on their website or by clicking this link.

Q3: When did the WNBA start and why?

Answer: Women’s basketball made the announcement “We Got Next” on April 24, 1996, following the NBA Board of Governors’ approval of the idea to create a Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), which would start play in June 1997. The top women’s basketball players in the world have since called the WNBA home.

Q4: How many WNBA teams are there?

Answer: The league will return to 14 teams for the first time since 2008 with the addition of Golden State and Toronto.

Q5: Are there 32 NBA teams?

Answer: With one club in Canada and 29 in the United States, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is a professional basketball league in North America.

Q6: What happened to Logan Paul YouTuber?

Answer: YouTube banned ads on Paul’s videos because the stunts closely resembled his suicide forest vlog, preventing him from collecting money from views. YouTube spokesperson: “In response to Logan Paul’s recent pattern of behaviour, we’ve temporarily suspended ads on his channels.

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