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Caitlin Clark responds to the Olympic snub with a scathing four-word rant, and Bill Maher calls WNBA players “catty.”

Christie Sides, head coach of the Indiana Fevers, said that Caitlin Clark told her that “they woke a monster” when she found out she wouldn’t be on Team USA’s Olympic team.

Clark was the first pick in the WNBA draft this year after a record-setting college career.

She has been the center of attention since her debut in the WNBA, and she is thought to have helped the league become more famous this season.

First-year player for the Indiana Fevers is already one of the biggest sports stars in the US, but she won’t be going to her first Olympics this summer.

The 22-year-old seems to be using the rejection to push himself to the next level, though, as Fevers boss Sides explained how Clark reacted to the news.

“I’m a little disappointed, of course – she’s my player,” Sides told me.

It must be very hard to make that team, right? “They are a tough team. “She is young. There will be a lot of chances for her in the future.

“On the bus, we really did talk. She texted me to let me know she got the call while she was on the bus.

“I just tried to keep her spirits up.” ‘Coach, they woke a monster,’ she said, which I thought was cool.

Clark wasn’t picked for Team USA’s Olympic team just a few days after she was in the news for a rough foul by Chennedy Carter.

The Chicago Sky player pushed Clark to the ground, which was meant to be an off-the-ball foul but was later changed to a severe one.

There was a lot of anger online about what happened, and “Real Time” host Bill Maher criticized Clark’s teammates for not helping the newbie.

“Caitlin Clark made me aware of women’s basketball,” he said.

“The other girls in her league are thrilled about her success.” Of course I’m kidding. “They really dislike her.”

Maher then talked about the video of Carter bodychecking Clark to the ground and criticized Carter’s teammates for not doing anything to stop it.

“If this was men – they defend each other on their same team,” he said.

“I mean men will fight from two teams but when somebody checks you who’s on your team, you defend that guy.”

It’s true that guys can be mean and toxic, but only women would do something like this. “Women are catty, even the ones on her own team.”


Q1: Why was Caitlin Clark left off the team?

Answer: Clark wasn’t put on the team because she wasn’t paying her dues, because she was angry about money problems, or because of worries about her loud fans. Almost none of those things happened. There are 12 better players right now than her, so she didn’t make it.

Q2: Why is Caitlin not on the Olympic team?

Answer: Because of when the WNBA season starts and ends. The Olympics happen in the summer, so the WNBA takes a break. Before going to the Olympics, the Olympic team trains seven times.

Q3: Why didn’t Caitlin Clark make the USA team?

Answer: Clark was asked to the final national team training camp in the first week of April, but it fell during the week of the Final Four. She was going to go if Iowa didn’t make it to the Final Four, but she had to cancel when the Hawkeyes did.

Q4: Who replaced Caitlin in The Flash?

Answer: There have been many ups and downs for Caitlin and Frost, but their story seems to be over. However, Panabaker is still there. Frost and Caitlin have been killed off in Season 9 of The Flash. Khione, a new “sister,” has been cast in their place.

Q5: Who is the new Caitlin Snow?

Answer: Well, kind of. The cold front is over, and a new character on The Flash is starting to melt. On The CW show, Danielle Panabaker played Dr. Caitlin Snow and the famous DC Comics character Killer Frost. But in the Feb.

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