GUTFELD: It's now seen as brave to only let female children play women's sports.

The trans will not be a part of the plans for next year. There are 241 small schools that make up the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. They have made it illegal for transgender athletes to play women’s sports, which is great. Men shouldn’t be pretending to be women in college sports. Instead, players should be pretending to be students.

GUTFELD: It's now seen as brave to only let female children play women's sports.
The decision to only let female students play in women’s sports is now seen as brave.

Because of this, the NAIA decided that from the following school year on, only female students will be able to play women’s sports. Who would have thought that this would be seen as brave? But that’s 2024 for you.

You used to have to die for a woman to show how brave you were. Now all you have to do is admit that they are there. It looks like women can only play women’s games. I’m sorry, Randi Weingarten, but you’ll have to fight the guys. But not all college athletes agree.

Coach Dawn for the South Carolina women’s basketball team STALEY: Women should play. You should be able to play sports if you think of yourself as a woman or if you want to as a man. That’s what I think.

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Questioner: Do you think transgender people should be able to take part?

STALEY: That’s the question you want to ask, so I’ll give it to you. Yes. Yes. Now, a huge number of people will crowd my timeline and distract me on one of the most important days of our game.
I love how she says, “If you think of yourself as a woman.” Being a woman is so valuable that anyone can become one. There’s no need for surgery or shaving the eyebrows. You don’t even need to cook.


But maybe Staley is planning ahead and wants to find some good guys, just like the Marines. However, if you care about science, fact, or fairness in any way, they call you crazy.

In fact, this line was printed in the Washington Post: “Trans-athlete rights have long been the subject of conservative attacks and scrutiny…” Oh, so conservatives have been attacking it for a long time? Jesse hasn’t had a beard in about five years. That’s how Fox keeps track of time.

It only became a topic when activists scared the media and businesses into changing their ways. They turned a small group of people into a modern civil rights fight. That the health secretary can wear pumps with his jock strap is the most important thing in the world. But I love the name “trans-athlete rights.”

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It’s like having shoulder-length hair and lipstick all of a sudden makes you a magical being with more rights than everyone else. I hope! When I was pulled over last Halloween, I still got a ticket for speeding. I believe it was Halloween. It could have been last week.

There would be less attention on these trans guys if the left didn’t keep telling us to reject everything we’ve learned about human biology in the last 150 years. “Follow the science,” people say, “unless it leads you to a prostate.”

That’s something only guys have, but that’s fine. People call you a mean person if you don’t reject hundreds of years of solid evidence. What about this report from the Washington Post? “The science surrounding any physical advantages transgender women may retain over cisgender women is unsettled, and research is ongoing.”

Why the science? What kind of science are you using? Who was the doctor you asked? Who is this guy? It’s “unsettled” according to the Washington Post. No, it’s clear and upsetting. Remember what they stand for? “Democracy dies in darkness.” They’re just blind, that’s all. Because this is what you see with your eyes.

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To get you to not trust your own feelings, they want to gaslight you. Lia Thomas is a good example. It would have to be really dark and I would have to be really drunk. I think this time period will be remembered in this way: People who were crazy or sick started a social disease that spread through social media.

It spread faster because scared, easily manipulated women and strange men showed fake concern. What is the goal? To make it illegal to question this philosophy without being seen as weird, transphobic, or an outsider. They hurt you because you were normal.

What about daily women? Well, wokeism has already made a lot of them racist, and now it’s making them misogynistic. It’s like they turned into everything they hate. It seems like they hide the truth. Who did it hurt the most? Hey girls.

Young women were most affected by this wave of gender rejection because they are more likely to be on social media and believe everything that’s new. But the fun is over now.

We’re no longer going to act like you don’t know the difference between boys and girls now that the adults are back in the room. For the guys who think the NAIA decision was a real pain in the behind, keep your hairy chin up and stop crying… just in case your makeup gets messy.

The original story came from GUTFELD: Having kids who are only female play women’s sports is now seen as a bold move.

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