Who is a Pedrito Juárez? Barcelona’s next Lionel Messi

People in Argentina call 10-year-old Pedrito Juárez a “total player” because he moved to Barcelona like Messi.

Who is a Pedrito Juárez? Barcelona’s next Lionel Messi
Barcelona’s next Lionel Messi.

There is now a player like Lionel Messi, and Barcelona has, in a way, gone back to the drawing board. Pedrito Juárez is the name of the player of the future. He is young, small, and Argentine, and his road was a lot like that of the great Argentine World Cup winner.

Pedrito Juárez was born in Salta, Argentina, on February 17, 2014. He is only 10 years old, but he is already seen as a huge future star. When Juárez was young, he lived in his home country of Argentina for two years before moving to California with his family to follow a job offer there.

The family lived in the US until 2020, when they moved to Barcelona so that Pedrito Juárez’s mother could become a psychologist.

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What Pedrito Juárez Said

Pedrito Juárez has played for the local club Atlètic Sant Just since he moved to Spain. Scouts from Barcelona saw the young boy and offered him a trial. He passed with flying colors and is now a member of La Masia.

Juárez has won two wins in the last few weeks in his age group, making him the best player. He told reporter Diego Yudcovsky, “I was at a tournament for the 2014 age group the other day, and Barcelona won. It’s crazy how they play.” Jorge D’Alessandro used to be an Argentine goalkeeper and coach.

There’s a great Argentine kid. By the way, I already told the AFA about him so we can keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t get away. He plays center and is from Salta.

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“That kid has a gift; he sets up games and moves the pieces.” He’s a great football player, so don’t compare him to Messi. He can see parts of the game, and he’s the kind of kid who can make choices and know right away what the right pass is… That’s a present. “We’re looking at a future star player,” D’Alessandro said.

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