Caitlin Clark -Team USA - 2024 Olympics - Paris.
Caitlin Clark finally has an answer from the head of Team USA about being turned down for the Olympics.

Jen Rizzotti, chair of the committee for the USA women’s basketball national teams, explained why Caitlin Clark was not invited to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. She made it clear that it was a basketball choice.

Some people were surprised that Clark wasn’t on Team USA. The 2024 No. 1 overall draft pick for the Indiana Fever is already one of the most famous and well-known women’s basketball players in the world. People first noticed how talented she was when she played basketball in college and in the early stages of her career in Indiana, even though the professional team was having trouble.

Clark has scored 16.3 points, grabbed 4.9 rebounds, and given out 6 assists per game for the Fever, who have a 3-10 record in the WNBA, fifth-worst in the league. Public figures like ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith questioned the choice to leave Clark out, saying that including her would have been a surefire way to boost the show’s popularity.
WNBA fans are angry at the Fever coach for her latest answer to their loss after Caitlin Clark was pulled.

But Rizzotti says the choice was what was best for Team USA’s chances of winning on the court. “We were supposed to give Cheryl a team that has experience and knowledge of competing in international games, as well as knowledge of the coaching system, leadership skills, and depth at every position,” Rizzotti told The Athletic. “We chose the 12 because we thought they were the best in a basketball pick-up.” She also said, “We don’t live in a bubble.” “We’re not on a jury that is locked up in a hotel with no way to get out.”

This choice is being seen, heard, texted, and called about by all of us. That was also what was expected.

We talked about Caitlin’s success in college and how she’s played so far this (WNBA) season when making this roster. But I think out of respect for the process, we tried to be honest when choosing the roster. It wasn’t our job to measure things like marketability, popularity, TV viewing, or jersey sales.

Clark also talked about the snub by saying she still supported the women who were chosen and that it would make her even more determined to make it to the Olympics in the U.S. in 2028. Clark said, “I think it just gives you something to work for.” “It’s just a dream.” I hope I can get there one day. I believe it’s just a little more drive. You remember that. At the LA Olympics in 2028, I hope to be able to go again after four years.

I’m happy for the girls on the team. I know it’s the toughest team in the world, and I know I could have made or lost my spot on the team. I’m happy for them. Going to cheer for them to win gold.” As a child, I watched the Olympics all the time. It will be fun to see them. They called me and told me before anything came out, which I thought was very polite, and I appreciate it. “They did the same thing for every girl who made the team or didn’t make the team. The Olympic pool has a lot of people in it. There were other people they could have called. A lot of calls had to be made.

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