Ancelotti: "Bellamy is a great player, he really impressed me."
Ancelotti: “Bellamy is a great player, he really impressed me.”

“We didn’t move the ball as well as we should have,” said the coach, “but I was happy with the game as a whole.”

After the match between Real Madrid and Milan, Carlo Ancelotti went to the press room at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles. The coach talked about how his team beat the Italian team by saying, “I was very pleased with Bellingham. We need to change some things, like how we played from the back. We tried to play more through the middle than out wide to make the most of the space between the lines.

Bellingham did a great job, and the rest of the team has to get used to his amazing skill. When he steps into the box, it’s a big deal for the team. I like the method, but a few things went wrong. We didn’t move the ball as well as we should have, but I liked the game as a whole.

Bellingham’s qualities

“He’s a great player and very important to us because he’s a full playmaker who gives the game a lot of speed and energy. He moves very well when he doesn’t have the ball, and he’s not like the other midfielders we have. He makes the most of the room he has and gives this team something new, which is great.


“He came back in good shape. After playing for Milan for two years, he is ready to play for Real Madrid. He is good at that spot, plays well in between the lines, and gives us another choice. I hope we can watch all of his games this season.”


“We need to try to go higher. Since the field is in the middle of the park, we go through the middle of the park more. It’s not the best method for defense, but I have to work with the guys I have and find a good mix between defense and offense.”

The method of 4-3-3

“If we play 4-3-3, Rodrygo will be my center striker because he did it so well last season. On the left we’ve got Arda Güler and Valverde. We could also use a number 10 and a scorer in the middle, like Bellingham and Rodrygo.

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