Why did LIV Golf change its plans for Trump courses in 2024?
Why did LIV Golf change its plans for Trump courses in 2024?

The real reason why LIV Golf will not hold any events at the golf course held by Donald Trump in 2024 was looked into. The last US President’s home will not host a LIV event for the first time in two years.

LIV Golf just released the schedule for its upcoming season, which includes 12 games in eight different countries, five of which will be held in the US. Trump-owned properties are strangely not on the list of venues, even though they’ve been the site of five events in the last two seasons.

Three of the 12 games on the LIV Golf Circuit this season took place on golf courses owned by Trump. At the same time as the Bedminster and DC games, the Team Championship was held at the Trump National in Doral, Miami, in 2023.

It is thought that Donald Trump’s current trial in court has something to do with the fact that his properties are not on the LIV Golf schedule. He is facing four criminal cases and 91 counts of felony right now. As of the start of the trial, Trump has not been seen in public at any LIV events. Notably, he was not at the LIV Golf Team Championship Pro-Am, even though he was nearby.

The Saudi-backed tour has named its events, but the locations of three of them have not yet been revealed. As a result, it is not impossible that they will be held at one of the former president’s homes.

Even though the Saudi-backed tour has been criticized around the world, especially by the families of 9/11 victims, Trump has always backed it. When the PGA Tour and PIF said earlier this year that they would be merging to become one organization, Trump called it a “big, beautiful, and glamorous deal.”

At least seven LIV Golf games will take place outside of the US in 2024.

At least seven of the LIV Golf games in 2024 will be held outside of the US. It will be held for the first time in Mexico on February 2 at the El Camaleón Golf Course in Mayakoba.

After that, the players will go to the Las Vegas Country Club in the US from February 8th to 10th. The US game is set to happen around the same time as the Super Bowl, which will also be held in Las Vegas.

From March 1 to 3, LIV Golf will go to Saudi Arabia. From March 8 to 10, it will go to Hong Kong. From April 5–7, the fifth event on the LIV calendar will take place. Though the site has not been chosen yet, the event will happen right before the Masters Tournament.

The Saudi-backed tour is coming back to Australia for the second year in a row. The first event in Adelaide was a huge success. The Grange Golf Club will host this event from April 26th to April 28th.

From May 3–5, the seventh LIV event will take place in Singapore. From June 7–9, the eighth event will take place at the Golf Club of Houston. The event put on by the PIF will be held in Houston for the first time. The next event will be held from June 21st to June 23rd at The Grove in Nashville.

The 10th event will be held at Valderrama from July 12–14. The next event will be held in England at the JCB Golf and Country Club from July 26–28. From August 16th to 18th, Greenbrier will host the last game of the regular season.

The Individual Championship will take place in Chicago from September 13th to 15th, and the Team Championship will take place in Dallas from September 20th to 22nd.

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