American man sinks a putt that is 401.2 feet long, breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest golf putt ever.
American man sinks a putt that is 401.2 feet long, breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest golf putt ever.

Jay Stocki made the longest putt in golf history in a game that wasn’t part of an event. This set a Guinness World Record. To beat the world record, he fired a shot from 401.2 yards away.

Stocki set the record while on vacation in Kohler, Wisconsin, where he played with friends in a fun game at The Baths of Blackwolf Run. He missed about 237 times before he finally made the perfect shot, which made history.

After his win, the American golfer was on a high and talked about his play. Guinness World Records quotes what he said:

Look over the rules of golf. My ball is in a penalty area. What are my options for taking a drop?

“Everyone was so happy that someone made it.” It really did end like in a fairy tale. That night, we were so excited that I lost my voice for a few days!”

Stocki also said:

It’s not simple to get seven jerks to give up a few days of their lives to help you follow your dream. Jeff Bell, Mike Born, Chris Carriveau, Bill Grant, Michael Guerrieri, Tim Radigan, and Dan Roberts are all good friends of mine who helped me make history.

Guinness World Records says that Garrett Hilbert of Dude Perfect had the previous biggest putt that wasn’t in a competition. It was 396.3 feet long.

Jay Stocki talks about his golf gear: “The fitting process at Bettinardi was truly game-changing”

This is what The Golf Wire says: Jay Stocki set the Guinness World Record with a Bettinardi Golf putter. The World’s Longest Golf Putt Championship took place at The Baths of Blackwolf Run in Kohler on September 25 and 26. Mike Born won the championship by making the final putt that was 400 yards long.

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Jay Stocki and his friends stayed after the event to try to break the record. To their surprise, they were able to do it by making a putt that went 401.26 yards. He set a new world record that wasn’t for a contest.

Jay said he used his Bettinardi Queen B 11 that was made just for him. The Golf Wite quotes Stocki as saying this about his golf gear:

“The Bettinardi fitting process really changed the game.” I lost strokes right away with my new Bettinardi putter, and I felt more confident on the greens. The people at Bettinardi did a great job of helping me find the best putter for my game.

It is planned that the World Longest Putt Championship will happen on October 7, 2024.

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