The Terminator goes away after Arnold Schwarzenegger brings a donkey to ManningCast.
The Terminator goes away after Arnold Schwarzenegger brings a donkey to ManningCast.

An extra guest joined the ManningCast when Arnold Schwarzenegger joined Peyton and Eli Manning during their “Monday Night Football” show.

There was a movie star with his pet donkey. Aside from that, the ManningCast cameras caught Schwarzenegger feeding the donkey by hand while the New York Jets played the Los Angeles Chargers in the first quarter.

The donkey disappeared soon after Schwarzenegger started to appear as a guest star. That wasn’t the only thing that went missing.

As the commercial break began, the star of “The Terminator” said, “We’ll be back.”

“The Terminator” was still there when the ManningCast started up again, though.

NFL Stats Central: When Schwarzenegger left, Peyton Manning made fun of it by saying, “That donkey ate the heck out of that WiFi.”

Also, Eli Manning said, “It’s official.” Arnold isn’t going to come back.

Oh, there are more animals on ManningCast?

After Arnold’s sudden departure, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence joined the Manning boys and sat in front of a jaguar, which was only fitting. He wasn’t hand-feeding the animal like Schwarzenegger did, though.

That was done for a good reason.

Lawrence smiled and said that the jaguar behind him was a picture that his brother and sister-in-law had given him.

Arnold sees competitors getting pumped up.

Instead of thinking about how he does weightlifting, he talked about what he has noticed about how sports have looked at weightlifting.

“The thing is, all the football players are working out so hard,” he said. “They’re very strong and can lift a lot of weight.” What a crazy thing to happen. …

“Back when I first came to America, weightlifters did the lifting and football players did the playing, but no lifting.” Some people have always thought that it would slow you down, make you bulky, be bad for you, and other similar things. As time went on, I saw changes. For example, football players started lifting more weights, and they got better and better over time, combining speed, stamina, and strength.

Schwarzenegger said that he now sees weightlifting being used in all sports, like soccer, golf and wrestling.

He said, “Someone made lifting weights a big deal, and everyone did it.”

Jets make fun of ManningCast

At the end of the first part, Peyton asked Lawrence if she would stay on the show for one more series. Lawrence said she wasn’t required to.

Lawrence said, “Yeah, let’s see how these Jets drive.”

“You want to see a Jets drive?” Eli asked. That hasn’t been said all year.

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