The Mexican players who don't play for their country internationally
The Mexican players who don’t play for their country internationally

There are two Mexican players who have been chosen to play in the upcoming Asian Cup. Their names are Daniel Lajud and Vas Nuñez. His team, Atlante, plays in the Liga Expansión, and Lebanon called him up to play in the league. The person from Veracruz is a dual citizen because his father is from Lebanon.

Vas Nuñez, on the other hand, plays for the Hong Kong national team, which will also be in the Asian Cup. Nuñez is Mexican because his mother is Mexican, but he has played all of his career in Asia, first in Hong Kong and now in China.

Luka Romero

Player for Milan Luka Romero was born in Durango, Mexico, but he chose to play for Argentina because that is where his family is from. Romero just got back from the U-20 World Cup with the Albiceleste. He played in four games and scored two goals.

Alejandro Zendejas

Alejandro Zendejas is another player who would rather play for a different national team than Mexico. Zendejas chose to live in the United States after a string of problems with the FMF. He has dual citizenship. Finally, Manuel Rosas Arreola is a former player who played for Nicaragua after becoming a citizen of that country in 2013.

Mexico players who play for other teams

  • Vas Nuñez | Hong Kong
  • Daniel Lajud | Lebanon
  • Manuel Rosas | Nicaragua
  • Luka Romero | Argentina
  • Alejandro Zendejas | USA

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