What the acts coming out with Taylor Swift have said about The Eras Tour.

On her 152nd show, Taylor Swift is still going strong. In each place, she is bringing up-and-coming artists with her.

There are a total of 13 different artists who will be opening for the music star at some shows. Two of the opening acts are up-and-coming artists like Girl In Red, Gracie Abrams, and Owen.

Here’s what the acts who opened for Swift had to say about her and touring with her.

1. Hayley Williams

Hawk Williams, lead singer of Paramore, opened for Taylor Swift at her first shows in Glendale, Arizona. She is now opening for Swift on her European tour. Williams and Swift worked together on “Castles Crumbling,” one of the “From the Vault” tracks on “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version),” which came out last July.

Williams wrote about Swift on Instagram after the news came out: “Taylor was the first professional friend I ever made and hung out with outside of work.” As you do, I bought my friend’s record when Speak Now came out and listened to the whole thing while sitting still in my first car in the garage. Many things make it my favorite Taylor Swift record.

2. Griff

The English singer will open for Swift at her London show on Saturday. Nine months before the show, Swift praised her catchy pop hit “Vertigo” in an Instagram story that included a link to the song and the words “i love this one!”

Griff, whose real name is Sarah Faith Griffiths, told People that she’s most excited to play “Vertigo” during her set because “knowing Taylor likes that one feels pretty cool.”

Griff wrote on Instagram after the news came out, “If you know me, you know this might be one of the strangest things I’ve ever said, but TAYLOR SWIFT HAS INVITED ME ON THE ERAS TOUR!!!!!!!!!!”Eight-year-old me, who had played Fearless over and over, would not believe this. I’m so thankful to Taylor for all the love she’s shown me and my songs. We’ll see you on June 22 at Wembley.

Griff told People they don’t really talk to each other all the time about her friendship with Swift. It’s like a fairy godmother shows up and makes everything perfect for me. I then live in that world for a while. It’s really cool.

3. Benson Boone

The growing star will skip a night of his sold-out “Fireworks & Rollerblades” tour around the world to open for Swift in London on Sunday night. As a contestant on “American Idol,” Boone became famous, but he quit the show to focus on making his own music, beginning with the hit “Ghost Town.”

This singer-songwriter became famous very quickly on TikTok. His hit song “Beautiful Things” has been streamed more than 800 million times on Spotify, according to Seattle Refined. In April, he played his first outdoor show in front of 12,000 people at Utah’s Maverik Center.

It was “likely the most emotional day of my life,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’m still not sure if this show happened or not.” Our first stage. Thank you for sharing your tears, songs, laughs, and feelings with me. I promise this is only the beginning. I’m not going to stop until these tires are burned into the road.

4. Mette Towley

On Friday night in London, Mette Towley will open for Swift on Night 1. This will be the singer-songwriter and dancer’s second time performing with Swift. She was in the musical movie “Cats” with Swift as well.

“As a musician, I’ve always felt good about her.” “And getting to work with her and seeing how professional and talented she was while we were making that movie,” Towley told BBC. “But now I get to put myself forward as a musician.”

Prestige says she has appeared at Wembley before, but it was as a backup dancer for Pharell Williams.

“Oh my gosh, there are going to be a lot of people in that stadium,” Towley told BBC. “And a lot of Swifties who don’t know who I am or my music.” Also, I get to share my songs with other people.

5. Phoebe Bridgers

Swizz Beats and Phoebe Bridgers worked together on Swift’s November 2021 single “Nothing New.” According to Billboard, Bridgers has been a fan since she tried to learn one of her songs as a teenager and “just started listening all the time.”

Bridgers said, “It’s high art.” “She’s really good at what she does.” That person is a great example of someone who uses everything she has to be completely honest.

In “Nothing New,” the themes are about two female artists. One is older and feels like they are getting old enough to work in the business; they wish the younger artist the best. This is similar to Swift and Bridgers, who are five years apart in age but both became famous when they were young.

Bridgers said, “I can’t think of a cooler project where I get to sing.” “That song means a lot to me.” It is a work of art.

6. Beabadoobee

The singer-songwriter Beatrice Kristi Laus, also known as Beabadoobee, is 22 years old. Her early EPs were big hits, especially “death bed (coffee for your head),” a song that went popular as a sound on TikTok. Before, she opened for Taylor Swift in Las Vegas. Her shows on The Eras Tour are now over.

In a recent interview with People, she said she was grateful for the chance.

She told People, “It didn’t feel real.” “Imagine that someone you listened to as a child and who helped shape your childhood said, ‘This is for young Bea.'” That girl is so cool. It’s crazy that someone who really likes my music likes theirs so much.

7. A red-dressed girl

She told Teen Vogue that Swift is one of many authors who have called her their “primary influence.” Marie Ulven is the artist behind girl in red. She also told Teen Vogue that she likes Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo and that she can hear Swift’s impact in their work.

“I feel like I can hear that in both Conan and Olivia’s songwriting,” Ulven told Teen Vogue. “There’s this melody, rhythm, and lyric thing that just feels so available and so easy on the ears.” “The songs are just really great.”

Swift praised Girl in Red’s record in her 2021 Instagram stories, calling it “spectacular.”

“I will never be the same after Taylor Swift said my album is amazing,” girl in red wrote on Twitter.

8. Muna

Swift hailed the three-piece pop band MUNA during her set at Arlington, Texas, where they made their Eras Tour debut. She said, “They’re a band I love so much.” You can find them on all of my playlists, and I’m so glad they joined us tonight—they’re great, and they killed it, according to NME.

Before going on stage, the three of them made a jokey post on X about the show, saying, “Feeling normal about playing a totally normal show tonight.” It’s really not a big deal because we do things like this all the time.

In an interview with Variety, they also said they were thankful for the chance.

Naomi McPherson told Variety, “Being that Taylor has been around for so long, and we all remember when certain albums first came out, that’s a given.”

Katie Gavin told Variety, “That song ‘Last Kiss’ made me cry so much over my high school boyfriend.” No matter what, it was important for me to grow up with a woman who wrote about her own life and thought it was important enough to share.

9. Haim

Swift is friends with the Haim sisters, and this is not the first time they will be with her. They were in the beginning of her music video for “Bejeweled” and have worked together on both “No Body, No Crime” by Taylor Swift and “Gasoline” by Haim.

In an interview with Elle UK, the sisters said nice things about how hard Swift works.

Danielle Haim told Elle UK, “It’s crazy how hard she works.” It was also said, “She never complains.” It’s amazing to watch her act, and being her friend is so inspiring.

Este Haim told Elle UK, “She loves what she does.” “She would just want to hang out after the show.”

Alana Haim told Elle UK, “When we met, it was ‘game over.’ We just clicked on so many levels.” “We both like the same kinds of music.” It seems to click. Like friends do.”

10. Gayle

Teen Vogue calls 18-year-old Taylor Gayle Rutherford, who goes by the stage name “Gayle,” “her musical idol.” She opened for Swift. She also told Teen Vogue that Swift made her want to learn how to play the guitar in the first place.

She finally met Swift in person in 2022, backstage at the Nashville Songwriter Association International. She told Teen Vogue that she told Swift, “You’re amazing, queen.” Thanks for being there. “You’re great.””

11. Gracie Abrams

One of the queens of sad girl music is about to be crowned: Gracie Abrams. She has said that Taylor Swift has had a big impact on her life and the songs she writes.

She told Teen Vogue that her first time on stage during the tour was “crazy” and that she has to look at the people closest to her to keep herself grounded when she’s on stage in front of a big crowd.

“Otherwise, I think I would only be able to think about how I get to play on the same stage as my favorite artist in the world and how she’s giving me that chance. How did life go from me crying to her music in my room when I was 10 to being on this stage celebrating her career in this way?” she told Teen Vogue.

Swift even gave Abrams one of the two surprise songs she sings at every show because she knew Abrams was looking forward to hearing her sing “Clean” from her “1989” record.

Abrams told Teen Vogue, “That song has been like a safe blanket ever since it came out.” It brings back so many memories for me to listen to that song when I needed it. When I heard her give it with such care, I thought, “I could die now and be completely happy.”

12. Owen

Owenn is the stage name of Christian Owen. He first worked with Swift as a trained backup dancer on her “1989” and “Reputation” tours. Owenn played her lover in in 2019 in her music video for “Lover.” While they were shooting, he played her some of his music. He told iHeartRadio that she got behind his music business after that.

“It was kind of crazy that she called the head of Republic herself on my behalf.” Owenn said during an Instagram live, “I get to the meeting,” according to Entertainment Tonight Canada. “They asked, ‘Hey, why does Taylor Swift want us to sign you so badly?'” “We want to see you perform!”

“I cried like a little baby” when he told iHeartRadio that opening for Swift would be the start of his singing career. “Taylor helped me so much,” he also said.

13. Sabrina Carpenter

While Swift was on the Latin American part of The Eras Tour, 24-year-old Sabrina Carpenter opened for her. Carpenter gave Swift the award for best music video for “All Too Well” at the American Music Awards in November 2022.

Fans found this tweet from Carpenter in March 2010 again after hearing that the two would be going on tour together.

“I had a great time at the Taylor Swift concert. I can’t wait to go on a world tour like hers one day!” “Lol, two sold-out shows already!” she wrote on Twitter.

Her tweet, “I went to sweet angel princess island and everyone knew me,” from more than 13 years later, told everyone that she would be joining The Eras Tour.

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