Rapper Rod Wave is arrested on charges of having a weapon.

Rod Wave was arrested on Wednesday in Manatee County, Florida, for having a gun or ammo. This was confirmed by the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Rapper Rod Wave is arrested on charges of having a weapon.
Rapper Rod Wave is arrested on charges of having a weapon.

Rod, the rapper and singer born Rodarius Marcell Green, was taken because police thought he had something to do with a gang-related shooting in Florida that hurt four people. It was said that fight took place on the night of March 31.

Police in Petersburg said in a statement that shots were fired between what seemed to be a group of guys who were arguing. Three guys in their 20s and a woman in her 17s were hurt, but their injuries were not life-threatening. Rod was arrested and taken to the Manatee County Jail, where he was told he was a convicted felon. His lawyers have since rejected this in public on social media. Also, they say Rod did not own any ammo.

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“Rod was detained and arrested with no proof of any wrongdoing,” lawyers Bradford Cohen and Mark Rankin wrote on Instagram. What the cops said was that he was a felon with guns. Not only did the cops not find any guns on him, but it would have been easy for them to see from public records that he was not a convicted felon. Right away, both the lawyer and the judge agreed that the evidence did not support the charge. That same day, he was freed.

Variety has reached out to the St. Petersburg Police Department to find out more.

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Rod was arrested for domestic battery by strangulation in 2022 after he reportedly strangled his ex-girlfriend. The charges were unrelated. Cohen told Rolling Stone at the time, “This case was a misunderstanding between a girlfriend and boyfriend.” “Mr. Green was arrested because of that misunderstanding.” That same year, he put out “Beautiful Mind,” his second album to top the Billboard 200. In 2023, he released “Nostalgia,” his third album to do the same. The latter had a song called “Turks & Caicos” with 21 Savage on it and was No. 1 for two weeks.

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