Paul Pogba "might be able to play tomorrow." as the agent of a former Manchester United star gives a report on the doping scandal
Paul Pogba “might be able to play tomorrow.” as the agent of a former Manchester United star gives a report on the doping scandal

Those who find the Frenchman guilty by the National Anti-Doping Tribunal could be banned for a long time.

An agent for Paul Pogba says that he could “return to the pitch tomorrow.”

He hasn’t played since September because he tested positive for DHEA, a drug that is illegal because it is a precursor hormone to testosterone.

Pogba will have to go to court before the National Anti-Doping Tribunal.

The first day of the trial was meant to be January 18, but the date was changed.

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According to Pimenta, Pogba did not mean to break the rules. He told Tuttosport last year, “We’re waiting for the counter-analysis and we can’t say anything now.”I can say for sure that Pogba never wanted to break the rules.

Since then, Pogba’s agent has given more information about his health, saying Calciomercato that “Pogba could return to the pitch tomorrow.” He is ready for anything, and his mind is like a winner. He takes a hit, thinks about it, and keeps going. “He didn’t hurry, he trains knowing he has to be ready.”

Pogba still has a deal with Juventus and thinks he has something to show in his career.

He also said, “There are times when I’ll ask him, ‘Shall we do something else?'” He’ll get mad and tell me, “Rafa, I need to train.”You have no idea how important it is for me to play, win, and finish a journey I began.

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“He could come out and play tomorrow if he wanted to.” Clearly, this is a tough time to get through.

Man United let Pogba go back to Juventus for free in 2022.

He had an injury-filled first season back in Turin, and he only played six times in Serie A.

In Juventus’ first three games of the season, the midfielder came off the bench in two of them before being banned.

If Pogba is found guilty of doping on purpose, which he rejects, he could be banned for up to four years. His contract with Juventus runs until 2026.

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