Olympic Shocker Jailed Volleyball Player for rapg 12-Year-Old gil
Olympic Shocker Jailed Volleyball Player for rapg 12-Year-Old gil

Steven van de Velde, a Dutch beach volleyball player who rap*d a British gi*l aged 12, wants to play for Holland at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

There were three counts of rap* against a chi*d Van de Velde met on Facebook. He admitted to the crimes and was given a four-year prison term in March 2016. He went to the UK in August 2014, when he was 19, to meet the gi*l.

He went all the way from Amsterdam to Milton Keynes to have se* with a gi*l he knew was only 12 years old. Van de Velde planned to visit the gi*l at home while her mother was away, and then he took her virgini*y.

Judge Francis Sheridan told them, “Your actions have ruined your life. You could have been a leader in your sport if you had never come to England and done these things.” “An innocent, stupid chi*d thought that you loved her.” You really only knew her from the internet; you had never met her in person and were well aware of the age difference.

It was at that time that Judge Francis Sheridan told Van de Velde that his dream had been crushed. “Before you came to this country, you were training to be an Olympian.”Your hopes of serving your country are now nothing more than broken dreams,” Judge Francis Sheridan told them.

When Van de Velde got out of jail, he said, “I do want to erase all the lies that were written about me while I was locked up.” Even though I didn’t read any of it, I know it was pretty bad because I’ve been called a se* monst*r and a pedophile.

But Van de Velde has brought back his Olympic dream after less than a decade and only 12 months in a Dutch jail. Van de Velde and Matthew Immers are likely to play together for their country at the Paris Games. The state Olympic committee will likely be the only ones responsible, since the International Olympic Committee is not likely to step in.

“I understand that this could attract the attention of international media in the lead-up to the biggest sporting event in the world,” Van de Velde said on Wednesday. Van de Velde is now married and has a two-year-old chi*d.

The Australian says that Van de Velde has been through “an intensive, professionally supervised trajectory” of evaluations and counseling since 2018. This is what the NOC has said. The volleyball federation of Holland has not yet approved its official list of athletes. The Mirror Sport US has asked the NOC for a response.

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