An NBA insider explains why the defending champion Nuggets didn't go to the White House.
An NBA insider explains why the defending champion Nuggets didn’t go to the White House.

After winning the NBA title, the Denver Nuggets will not be going to the White House to party. This is because they want to become the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference.

The Nuggets were supposed to visit the White House in late January, but the Biden administration moved the date to March 18 because of a scheduling problem, reporter Chris Haynes said Thursday on the TNT show.

But right now, the Nuggets are too focused on getting to the top to pay attention to anything else.

“I was told last week that the Nuggets were worried because all of a sudden, on March 19, they play the Minnesota Timberwolves in Minnesota, and that game is a little more important than they thought it would be when they rescheduled,” Haynes said Thursday night. “

The Nuggets had to make a tough choice: they’re not going to the White House after all…. And I want to be clear: it was clearly a basketball call.

It was important to both the Nuggets and the Biden administration that the visit went well, but it didn’t this time, Haynes said.

They have a 43–19 record as of Thursday, which puts them in first place. The Nuggets are in third place, just one game behind.

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