More of what you think about Norwich City
More of what you think about Norwich City

Here are some more of your thoughts as the Canaries get ready to host high-flying Southampton in The Championship on Monday at 15:00 GMT:

Chris – We’ve seen this before, even before Wagner came in. We still don’t know who we are or what our style is. They brought in a lot of old guys who haven’t done well. That isn’t going to happen under Wagner, so change it now while there is still a chance of a half-well run. Most NCFC fans have known this was going to happen since October, when he should have been fired.

Paul – I think Delia and Michael should leave now and bring self-funding with them. Thank them, give them life terms, and then move on. Wagner needs to leave, and the club needs to hire a coach who is ready to work with our young players. This will bring in more players. The fans and the club as a whole have grown old, and I dread to think how they will respond to our ridiculously high season ticket prices.

Lorraine– Having dealt with sadness and anger, I now don’t care about anything about it. I’m almost 50 years old and have been watching for so long that I don’t care if I go or not. I’m no longer excited about going. It’s hard to understand how the teams are chosen and how changes are made. The defence is terrible, and the middle has a hard time keeping the ball.

Carl – Fans of football teams need to know what the boss stands for, as Spurs have shown this season. That was done by Farke. “This is how we play; this is who we are.” Wagner doesn’t know how he wants his team to play, so the players are confused and the team doesn’t do well.

Tom – This is not showing up on the game, even though David Wagner has had a transfer window, pre-season, and a lot of time to build a team. How can he say Rowe isn’t performing as well as he was before he got hurt? Before the injury, he scored twice against Ipswich. When was the last time Onel scored?

Paul – Not good enough for this club at all. Stick with Wagner and the rest of the team if we want to stay in the middle of the table. But if we want to make a real push to get to and stay in the Premier League, we need a new appointment. The ties Knapper has at Arsenal need to be used. Fans should get more.

Adrian – We are having trouble because we can’t find good players and our manager doesn’t know anything about methods.

Ross – I have been a Norwich City fan for 40 years. David Wagner doesn’t know how to set up our team. He always lines up defensively in the same way, which can feel like having six players on the pitch at times. Before it’s too late, David Wagner needs to be removed right away.

Tom – My last night in the away end was the saddest and least interested I’ve ever been in an away end. Fans are no longer angry; they are just unhappy and have come to terms with the fact that we are average.

Rob – It was easy and cheap to get Wagner, and I think he should have been let go at the end of last season. The board did not give up on him, though, but this season has been terrible. Tricks: stupid and not very entertaining. I’m very worried about where the club is going.

Steve – Apathy is what it is ATM. No longer get very happy when you win or very angry when you lose. This is definitely not what being a football fan is or was meant to be like. It is tiring to be blamed by club owners and other people all the time for problems on and off the pitch. I’ve only ever given money to the club!

Maz – I think it’s time to get rid of Wagner, Maz. it looks like he wants to be fired?! Something is very wrong when you start to pull your best player.


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