Florida the Board of Medicine have formally prohibited the use of puberty-delaying drugs.
Florida the Board of Medicine have formally prohibited the use of puberty-delaying drugs.

By John Brooks AGN.

Florida’s medical boards have banned puberty blockers and hormone therapy

The Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine and the Board of Medicine have formally prohibited the use of puberty-delaying drugs, hormone replacement therapy, and sex reassignment surgery on minors.

On Friday, a decision was made following a meeting of the board that had earlier that day consisted of a five-hour discussion during which participants and other individuals addressed their concerns.

The boards made the decision in August to launch a process that will last for the next one hundred and twenty days in order to produce guidelines for the care of children who have gender dysmorphia.

If a doctor is found to have violated the new requirements, one of the potential repercussions is that they will lose their medical licence.

According to recent reports in the media, professional organisations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Psychology Association, and the Endocrine Society have given their blessing to the use of puberty blockers and hormone treatment on children.

As a result of the therapy, the researchers believe that transgender young people will experience less emotional distress and will have a reduced risk of committing suicide.

The guidelines were announced in April by the Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo and Governor Ron DeSantis. The guidelines include the reasons why minors should not take the therapies, as well as using preferred pronouns or a new name, changing their identity, and changing their clothing style.

There is a consistent pattern of low-quality evidence, small sample sizes, and a medium to high risk of bias in the systematic reviews that have been done on hormonal treatment for young individuals.

According to a study that was presented at the International Congress of Psychiatry and published in the International Review of Psychiatry, eighty percent of individuals who seek therapeutic help will lose their urge to identify with their nonbirth sex.

“Hormonal therapy for transgender teenagers can achieve their desired physical effects,” the conclusion of one review states; “but, information about their psychosocial and cognitive impact is often absent.”

DeSantis also asserted that medical professionals were “disfiguring” children by suggesting these therapies and promoting the concept of gender reassignment in response to families’ concerns regarding their child’s gender dysmorphia.

They won’t explain what that is to you… ” They are doing double mastectomies on girls who are only a few years old, and they intend to castrate the young boys. If a child is 10 years old, 12 years old, or 13 years old and has gender dysphoria, you should not disfigure them because of it since 80 percent of the time, it goes away by the time the child is an adult… The question is, “Why would you do this?”

Some individuals who were detransitioning were present at the committee meetings, and these individuals shared how they continued to have difficulties with their mental health. Chloe Cole shared with the committee that she began the process of transitioning when she was 12 years old and that she underwent a double mastectomy when she was 15 years old, despite the fact that she now regrets undergoing the procedure.

“I have always dreamed of being a mother, but I know that I will never be able to breastfeed my children. My breasts were quite attractive. And now they have been burned to ashes for absolutely no reason.”

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