After discovering his son's girlfriend was staying and earning $65,000, he charged rent.
After discovering his son’s girlfriend was staying and earning $65,000, he charged rent.

He got a beach house as an inheritance and let his son live there for free. When he found out that his son’s girlfriend was also living there and making $65,000 a year, he decided to start charging his son rent.

This man recently got a 3-bedroom beach house as an inheritance, and when his son finished college, he agreed to let him live there for free.

The only thing he expected his son to do was pay all the bills for the house, but since the house is already paid off, the bills aren’t very expensive.

He thought his son could save a lot of money by living in his house for free, and he did tell his son that he was “taking a financial hit” to help him in a big way.

Well, his son lived there for about six months before he found out that his son had let his girlfriend move in without telling him.

By the way, his son thinks that this girl will be the woman he stays with for the rest of his life.

His son did thank him for everything he had done for him and all the sacrifices he had made as a single dad, but he also told him that he wanted to live with his girlfriend.

He agreed to let his son’s girlfriend stay at his house, but he told his son that he had to take good care of the house and treat it with respect.

He finally met his son’s girlfriend, and he didn’t think she was all that great. During his time with her, though, he found out that she needs to pay off $40,000 in student loans.

“My son told me afterward that she makes $65,000 a year,” he said. “That made everything different.”

“I told my son that if he wants to stay in that house, he needs to start paying $2,000 a month. It shouldn’t be hard for him and his “rich” girlfriend to do that.

His son said he was mean, but he said he doesn’t want to pay for his girlfriend’s rent and student loan payments, so he needs to start paying rent next month.

He and his son kept fighting, and he tried to get his son to understand that he was only looking out for their financial well-being. He is worried that his son’s girlfriend might break up with him after she pays off her student loan debt.

Also, his son’s girlfriend is living with him without paying rent. His son said that he wasn’t making any money off the house, so he reminded him that he could sell it or rent it and make money, but he was trying to help him.

“You and your girlfriend are literally stealing money from me and your younger brothers so she can pay her bills,” he said. “I told him to think about it and let me know what he decided. My expectation was that he’d apologise, agree to pay rent, and offer to make amends.”

Well, his son hasn’t apologised and has instead been mean to him. If his son and his son’s girlfriend were grateful that they could live in his beach house without paying rent, he probably wouldn’t be asking them for money.

But his son and his son’s girlfriend aren’t thankful, so he doesn’t want to help them as much anymore.

He is left wondering if it is mean of him to keep asking his son to pay rent to stay in the house.

How do you feel?

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