Cider: A Fast Fashion Brand Overview
Cider: A Fast Fashion Brand Overview

What is cider clothes?

Now’s day Cider is a rapidly growing online fashion retailer known for its trendy and affordable clothing because they fallow best marketing strategy. It was introduced in 2020, the brand has rapidly gained popularity among young consumers, particularly Gen Z, for its stylish, Instagram-worthy pieces. There is many questions arises in our mind is cider a good brand or not, what cider review? And cider clothing ethical or is cider ethical.

What is cider clothes?
What is cider clothes?

If you use TikTok, you may have seen a strange Hong Kong brand called CIDER. But how moral is CIDER? This is a look at the brand’s “We Avoid” rating, which came out in November 2023 and might not match up with what the brand has said since then. Ratings are always being updated for the thousands of brands you can look at in our list.

Key Features of Cider:

Trend-Focused Collections:

The team of Cider first identifying the latest fashion trends after that working on production based on requirement, make reach for a wide range audience. Their collections often feature vibrant colors, bold patterns, and based on contemporary styles.


The team of Cider cloth always think about the price of product beacuse they believe low profit for wide range customers, the main attractions of Cider is its price point. The brand always offers fashionable and modern clothing which is comfortable at competitive prices, appealing to budget-conscious shoppers.

Rapid Production Cycle:

Cider belive the fast fashion model because they know the demand and taste of conumer is rapidly changed based on social media influenced, which involves a quick transform from design to production to meet the ever-changing demands of the fashion market. So they working hard for constantly refresh their inventory with new items.

Digital-First Approach:

Todays social media is a great platform to sell product and attract new customers, Cider knows the importance of socila media and they know how to best use, Cider leverages social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok to engage with their target audience, using influencer partnerships and user-generated content to drive brand awareness and sales.

Sustainability Concerns:

While Cider’s business model allows for trendy, affordable clothing, it also raises concerns about sustainability. Fast fashion is often criticized for its environmental impact, including excessive waste, resource consumption, and questionable labor practices. Cider, like many fast fashion brands, faces scrutiny over these issues.

Consumer Appeal:

Despite sustainability concerns, Cider’s appeal lies in its ability to offer the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. This, combined with a strong social media presence, has helped the brand build a loyal customer base.

If CIDER goes global, is it for the right reasons?

Since its start in late 2020, CIDER has taken over social media. Some of its products, like this cute orange jumper, have gone viral, and the company now has 4.1 million Instagram followers, which is a huge community.

Digital natives “A globally-minded, social-first fashion brand” that makes “clothes for a new generation” is what CIDER calls itself. On paper, the brand works like SHEIN; it lists small groups of things for different moods and events every week and acts as a marketplace that sells directly from the factory. CIDER also likes to think of itself as “innovative.” They use data to make sure they only make things that they know will sell, which helps them keep costs low and cut down on the stock that doesn’t sell.

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We think this might be greenwashing, so we decided to check it out: is CIDER a good clothes brand? Even more seriously, is CIDER moral?

Effects on the environment

“Very Poor” is the worst score we can give CIDER for how it affects the world.

Few low-impact materials are used, and most of the clothes made are from dangerous fabrics like virgin polyester and spandex.

There is no proof that CIDER is protecting wildlife in its supply chain, and it also doesn’t look like it has done anything to reduce or get rid of dangerous chemicals. Toxic chemicals in fast fashion are a big problem in the shopping world right now, and you should learn more about them before you buy from this store or one like it.

Lastly, CIDER uses a fast fashion plan that can’t last because trends and styles change so quickly. All in all, this is a name you should stay away from if you care about the environment.

Conditions of work

With another “Very Poor” score, the results don’t look good for CIDER’s image when it comes to working conditions in its supply chain.

Even though CIDER is clearer now than it was in earlier grades, when our analysts couldn’t find any public information to include, the results are still very poor.

There’s no proof that CIDER supports diversity and inclusion in its supply chain or that it gives its suppliers financial security, which could lead to bad pay and working conditions. Even though it checks up on some of its suppliers, the fact that none of them pay a living wage is a big red flag and a necessary step towards a more ethical fashion industry. The people who work at CIDER have a long way to go.

Animal well-being

It’s good to see that CIDER is trying to improve animal care, as shown by the score of “It’s a Start.”

The brand doesn’t use leather, down, fur, angora, or skin from foreign animals in any of its collections. However, it does use wool and hair from exotic animals without saying where it comes from. There is no sign of an animal welfare policy, and the brand doesn’t seem to be able to track any animal goods back to the beginning of their growth. This is also something that could be done better.

Overall score

We give CIDER the lowest score possible of “We Avoid” because it doesn’t do anything at all. The brand can make small changes and be more open, but as an ultra-fast fashion brand that relies on overconsumption and mass production, it can’t be a responsible brand that people want to support until it changes the way it does business as normal.

Keep in mind that Good On You ratings look at hundreds of factors, and it’s not possible to include all of them in a short summary of how well the business did. Check out our How We Rate page and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more details.

Check out the score.

The Good On You team was able to find some “Good” and “Great” brands that we’d love to see go popular for the right reasons. You can choose from these great choices if you want to stop buying fast fashion and help the earth and all the people that live on it.

Thanks for the swaps

More environmentally friendly cider options, all of which got “Good” or “Great” ratings in the guide.

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Cider: A Look at the Fast Fashion Brand

A Brief Look at Cider:

Cider is an online clothing store that is known for selling trendy clothes at low prices. When it first came out in 2020, the brand quickly became popular among young people, especially Gen Z, because of its stylish, Instagrammable clothes.

Important things about cider:

Collections Based on Fashion Trends: Cider is great at finding and making the newest fashion trends that a lot of people can wear. Their designs often have modern styles, bright colours, and big patterns.

Affordability: One of the best things about cider is how cheap it is. The brand sells stylish clothes at reasonable prices, which makes it appealing to buyers on a budget.

Fast Fashion: Cider uses the fast fashion model, which means that clothes are designed and made very quickly to keep up with the fashion market’s constantly changing needs. Because of this, they can always add new things to their stock.

Digital-First Approach: Since cider only sells online, they use social media sites like Instagram and TikTok to connect with their ideal customers. They do this by working with influencers and using user-generated content to raise brand recognition and boost sales.

Concerns about sustainability: Cider’s business plan makes trendy clothes affordable, but it also makes people worry about the environment. People often say that fast fashion is bad for the earth because it creates a lot of waste, uses up a lot of resources, and uses questionable labour practices. This makes people look closely at cider, as well as many other fast fashion brands.

Consumer Appeal: Even though some people are worried about the environment, Cider’s appeal comes from its ability to give the newest fashion trends at prices that most people can afford. These things, along with a strong social media presence, have helped the business get customers who will stick with it.

Cider is a modern example of the fast fashion business. It combines cheap and trendy items to appeal to a young, fashion-conscious audience. However, like all fast fashion brands, it has to deal with the problems that come with being environmentally friendly and using fair labour.


Cider represents a modern iteration of the fast fashion industry, blending affordability with trendiness to cater to a young, style-conscious audience. However, as with all fast fashion brands, it must navigate the challenges associated with sustainability and ethical production practices.

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