Ben White was called "weird" by an Arsenal star for blaming "society" for the pushback against England's decision.
Ben White was called “weird” by an Arsenal star for blaming “society” for the pushback against England’s decision.

Ben White turned down the chance to play for England, so Cesc Fabregas says he’s a “weird” player. He blamed “society” for the backlash he’s gotten, though.

Reports say White turned down Gareth Southgate’s offer to play in the upcoming matches against Brazil and Belgium because of a fight he had with assistant manager Steve Holland while at the World Cup in Qatar.

“Weird” Ben White, but “society” is to blame

The England manager said White’s friendship with Holland had nothing to do with the snub, but the Arsenal star is said to think the coach didn’t respect him because he brought up the fact that he wasn’t interested in football in front of his teammates.

People have said that White doesn’t like football, but he does say that he’s not a huge fan of the game.

While the defender is in a “weird” minority, Fabregas says that the defender’s views should be “respected” and that he has seen other players with similar views during his time.

“I think it’s the way people act these days. When asked about White’s position on the Planet Premier League podcast, Fabregas said, “It’s all about the money.”

The people who play football make a lot of money. And it seems like they should all be thinking about sport all the time. They should set a good standard for everything, and you can’t go wrong.Every mistake is punished twice or three times as much as a normal person would. This is our life. One that we have to take on and accept. That is all there is to it.I know a lot of guys who, well, I won’t name names, just want to go home after practice because they don’t really like football.

“They love football, the competition is so much fun for them.” They are rivals, and one of them wins. They like being there for an hour and a half to two hours.They don’t watch football after that, though. It’s strange that they don’t want anything to do with sports. Not a lot of the time does that happen. It’s possible that only 5% of the players are like that. But it is what it is, and we need to accept it.

Mikel Arteta gets rid of “toxicity” at Arsenal”

You can focus on White’s football for Arsenal instead. They are trying to win their first Premier League title in 20 years and are already in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

Fabregas also had a lot of good things to say about Mikel Arteta’s work at the Emirates. He said that Arteta got rid of all the “toxicity” that was in the club before he took over.

Fabregas said of the time before Arteta took over as manager, “Arsenal were in a big mess.”

“I feel like too many people spoke up. I would say there was a lot of negativity in and around the club.

He just walked in with an idea, a plan, and a sense of how to play, and he put it all together.

Because he’s still young, he had the guts to put it all together and say, “Okay, here are the rules, this is what I want to do.”A lot of the time, he talks about intentions, character, running, and standards in press conferences. “

Hardworking people, young people who really want to play for the badge, be there for the club, and make the club grow—I think this is what he changed, the mentality.

“He got rid of all the bad guys at the club who were making the players and coaches sick, and he did a great job. “This is the most impressive thing he’s ever done,”

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