An autopsy shows that US Olympian Tori Bowie died because of problems with giving birth.
An autopsy shows that US Olympian Tori Bowie died because of problems with giving birth. © Images AGN

Tori Bowie, a three-time Olympic winner and world champion sprinter, died because of problems with giving birth, according to an autopsy report that USA TODAY Sports got.

The document from the Orange County (Florida) Medical Examiner Office stated that Bowie had a “properly-evolved foetus,” thinking about she became about eight months pregnant and in labour at the same time as she died in May. Officials said that Bowie would probable have had problems like problem breathing and eclampsia, that is even as a person has seizures after a surprising rise in immoderate blood strain at some point of being pregnant.

“Eclampsia usually happens after a woman is 20 weeks pregnant. It’s rare, and less than 3% of preeclampsia patients have it. “Eclampsia can-cause the problems during the pregnancy & needs to be treated right away,” stated the Cleveland Clinic.

The medical officer said that the death was caused by natural causes.

The track and field world was shocked by Bowie’s death. On the month of May 2, her body was found in her Winter Garden, home in Florida. Bowie was found when Orange County, Florida, sheriff’s officers went to a house to check on the well-being of a woman in her early-30s who “had-not-been seen or heard from so many days.”

“We’ve lost a client, dear friend, daughter, and sister,” Bowie’s sports agency, Icon Management Inc., wrote on Twitter. “Tori was a winner. She was a bright light that stood out. Bowie won three medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, including silver in the 100-meter dash and bronze in the 200-meter dash. His family & friends are in our thoughts and prayers. She also ran the last leg of the 4×100 relay for women, which Team USA won gold in. By the end of 2017, Bowie had won the women’s 100 and 4×100 relay world titles.

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