Xander Schauffele's father 'threatening' the golfer's buddies after placing the ban on his son.
Xander Schauffele’s father ‘threatening’ the golfer’s buddies after placing the ban on his son.

Xander Schauffele’s dad “threatened” his son’s friends after banning them from seeing a video of his golf swing. Xander Schauffele said that his dad was so adamant that his friends wouldn’t record his swing because of this.

Schauffele, who is 30 years old, just won his first PGA World Championship by one shot over fellow American Bryson DeChambeau at Valhalla Golf Course. A lot of sports stars have their fathers as coaches. Schauffele’s father, Stefan, has said there is “no chance” that his son will join LIV Golf.

Schauffele is currently being coached by Chris Como, who is giving him a lot of useful tips on how to improve his game. The California-born golfer learned how to play the game from Schauffele dad in the past.

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His father always planned two steps ahead when teaching his son when the 30-year-old was a young star. So much so that Stefan wouldn’t let a young, hungry Xander watch a video of his golf swing to see where he went wrong.

Schauffele said on the “Pardon My Take” show, “He is definitely a character. His nickname is the ogre.” “He handles conversations and tough situations in an ogre fashion – he’s not afraid to get in your face to put it like that,” says the Express.

As a parent, Stefan always made sure that his son was ready, but he also knew that being too exact with his lessons could be harmful. This was so strong that Stefan always said no when Xander asked to see a video of his golf swing when he was younger.

Schauffele admitted that his father would threaten his friends into not making a movie so that no one would be caught.

Schauffele laughed and said, “Yeah” when asked if it was true that he had threatened his friends.’Come on, I need to see what’s going on. I know this makes you feel bad,’ I’ll say. “Sorry, man, I can’t do it. Get someone else to do it,” they say.

Stefan still spends a lot of time with his son, but his signature stetson hat and linen shirt were missing in Kentucky. Xander celebrated by hugging his wife, signing his record, and calling his father, who was living in a small shipping container in Hawaii and spent a lot of time there.

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After winning the 2024 PGA Championship, Xander Schauffele of the United States and Austin Kaiser, his caddie, pose with the Wanamaker Trophy.
After winning the 2024 PGA Championship, Xander Schauffele of the United States and Austin Kaiser, his caddie, pose with the Wanamaker Trophy.

Even though he works with Como, he still talks about how his father helped him with his job.

“He’s been my coach forever,” Schauffele said when asked about how his dad had affected him.

“I actually hired Chris Como in November of last year, so I’ve known him for a long time.” A friend of both of us put us in touch years ago, so my dad knows Chris pretty well.Chris did a little golf channel thing with my dad and me while he worked for them, so he felt at ease. My dad will always be my dad, but when it comes to golf, he kind of passed the buck to Chris and didn’t think he needed to be there if I was there with my team.


Q1: What nationality is Xander Schauffele golfer?

Ans: Stephan Schauffele and Chen Ping-Yi had a child named Schauffele on October 25, 1993, in San Diego, California. His mom was born in Taiwan but lived in Japan as a child before coming to the US. Stephan, his dad, was born in Stuttgart to a French mom and a German dad.

Q2: Is Xander Schauffele part of Liv?

Ans: The father of Xander Schauffele has said that his son will not be joining LIV Golf after his big win at the PGA Championship. Schauffele won his first major with an amazing performance at Valhalla, finishing on top of the rankings by a single stroke at the end of a no-points event.

Q3: Has Schauffele ever won?

Ans: The 263 was the lowest score for all 72 holes in a major championship, and the 21-under-par was the lowest score to par in the history of a major championship. Schauffele has won one major, finished second twice, and put himself in seven top fives and thirteen top tens.

Q4: Who sponsors Xander Schauffele?

Ans: At the start of 2018, Schauffele joined Callaway and Odyssey’s staff. Since then, he has won 6 PGA TOUR events and the 2021 Gold Medal. He is now ranked second in the world in golf.

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