Tiger Woods is still getting better, but what he's wearing has everyone talking.
Tiger Woods is still getting better, but what he’s wearing has everyone talking.

In the past week, Tiger Woods has been seen by more people as he continues to heal from surgery on his ankle in April. A few days ago, the World Golf Hall of Famer was seen hitting full shots for the first time at Pebble Beach.

As the host of the TGR Invitational, the game has seen a lot of action. Holden Bautista, 11 years old, made two hole-in-ones in one round, one of which was in front of Tiger Woods!

Woods continued to practice and play on The Hay Short Course at Pebble Beach, a course he helped create. It was his clothing choice on the course one day that may have caused the most controversy, as he was seen wearing a Call of Duty Black Ops jacket.

Wednesday through Monday, Woods played golf at the “100 Hole Hike,” a charity event. During the game, we had another amazing moment when one of the players got a hole-in-one. Guess who was on the green next to the hole where the ace happened? Yes, Tiger!

After seeing the hole-in-one, Woods joined the party by shaking the man’s hand and giving him a hug. Later that same day, he wrote on social media, “Monday’s @100holehike still feels like a dream.” There was an Ace on the 100th hole, which was called “Tiger.” It was on the course that @tigerwoods created, and he was there to raise money for @yocgolf. We’ve shared a lot through golf, and I will always remember this moment.

After the ace, Woods stood for pictures with other golfers. That’s when we saw Tiger’s casual style: he was wearing a backwards cap, a Call of Duty Black Ops hoodie, basketball shorts, and FootJoy shoes, which we saw him wear for the first time at the Masters in 2022.

People talked about the outfit on Twitter. Dan Rapaport wrote, “This is an unprecedented fit from Tiger.” That hat-printed hoodie, basketball shorts, and FJ Icons outfit worn backwards on the golf course is the first time I’ve seen it.

An Instagram user named Breezygolf shared a video of Woods hitting a tee shot at The Hays. They wrote, “Ran into this single playing in a call of duty hoodie at pebble” with the video.

The Call of Duty sweater shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since Woods said on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2016 that he used to play the game for eight hours every day.

Colbert asked Woods about his time off from golf while he healed from an injury. The talk show host wanted to know if anything embarrassing had happened while Woods was away. That’s when Woods said that his love of Call of Duty had made him a little less proud.

“(If) I worked as hard at Call of Duty as I do at my skill… Woods said, “I would play for eight hours a day and take a 30-minute break for lunch.” “I played while sitting in my slanted grandfather chair. I thought I was good because I made it through the campaigns.” Then I went online. It’s hard to believe that 7-year-olds from around the world can beat you.

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