Three times a week, do this one-minute exercise to avoid a common golf injury.
Three times a week, do this one-minute exercise to avoid a common golf injury.

The second most common injury that Golf Digest Certified Fitness Trainer Lauren McMillin sees is a sprained shoulder. (They happen most often to the lower back.) Your season could end if you hurt your shoulder, but there is a simple exercise you can do to keep that from happening. McMillian says that you should do this move three to four times a week to keep your shoulders stable.

Get a yoga block or something about the same size, like a shoe box. With your arms out in front of you, hold it between your hands. Lift the block over your head while keeping your arms straight. This will test how far your shoulders can move.

Now, lock your shoulders in place by pulling them back and down. Next, push your hands together and press down on the block with your palms. Put your wrists together, keep your shoulders still, and try to lift your arms back up. You won’t be able to raise your arms as high. Do six to eight reps slowly.

In this video, McMillin shows how to do the exercise:

Shoulders are complex little areas. And if you’re a golfer, they’re the #2 site for injuries. While shoulder mobility is critical, it’s… | Instagram

“This move is a great way to make the muscles around your shoulder stronger,” says McMillin. Especially those that have to do with bending the shoulder (lifting the arms in front of the body). The golf swing requires the shoulders to move in many ways, but flexibility is one of the most important things that determines how well and consistently the swing works.

The latissimus dorsi is also worked and strengthened by this practice. Most likely, you know these muscles as “lats.”

McMillin says, “The latissimus dorsi is one of the body’s biggest muscles.” “Golfers can easily turn, move, and breathe when it’s moving and working right.” It’s possible to have lower back pain, hip weakness, limited arm range of motion, bad posture, and a frustrated swing if this muscle is tight or limited.

If you do this easy exercise three or four times a week, you’ll be less likely to hurt your shoulder.

McMillin says, “Two things: strength and mobility work together to support the shoulder joints, improve posture, and keep you from getting hurt.”

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