Practise this drill to learn how to take divots like a pro on the Tour.
Practise this drill to learn how to take divots like a pro on the Tour.

Golfers can learn a lot from the holes they make. It can show you your swing path and the low point of your swing. It can also help you see if the head of your club is cutting through the grass properly. You can add a whole new level to your range lessons once you learn how to look at your divots.

It can look like art when tour pros take divots. With each ball, they cut through the grass so well that perfectly cut pieces of sod flew down the pitch. These pellets are so good that some fans take them home from events as gifts.

When casual shooters go to the range, things don’t go so well. The only time perfect pellets fly down range is very rarely, and there isn’t even a divot most of the time.

Most of the time, this happens because weekend warriors aren’t skilled enough to make the same kind of touch as professional players. If this sounds like you, GOLF Top 100 Teacher Cameron McCormick has a great drill that will help you learn how to make a good divot.

Cameron McCormick | Golf Instructor & Coach on Instagram: “Give this drill a shot during your next practice session for solid iron striking 👊🏌️‍♂️ #golf #golfswing #golflife #golftips #golfcourse #golfing #golfer #golfr #golfaddict #golfstagram #golfclub #golfpro #tiger #tigerwoods #golfislife #golfinstruction #swing #golfdrills #putting #sand #coaching #instructor #juniorgolf #golfdigest #golfchannel #topgolf #pga #titleist #instagolf”

How to Do It Right When Taking Dives

People on the Tour don’t look the same when they hit the ball and when they address it. At address, they are exactly balanced, with the same amount of weight on each side of their bodies. But when they hit each other, most of their weight is on the side that was ahead.

McCormick says, “That difference is what makes them strike it so pure.”

Get two towels and go to the range to learn how to do this weight shift. Half the length of a golf club should be behind the ball, and the same length should be in front of it. After that, hit the ball. Next, you want to dodge the towel behind the ball and then clip and move the towel in front of it.

McCormick says, “The goal is to move our body mass a little to the lead side so that the handle looks like it’s over the top of the front towel.” “When you look down, you’ll see a divot.”

You can make clean, Tour-level divots in front of the ball if you can train yourself to miss the back towel and pick up the front towel on the way through.

The drill presented in this post aims to help individuals develop the skill of taking divots similar to professional golfers on the Tour.

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