The stars of "The Good Doctor" speak out after a shocking death in the last season of the ABC show.
The stars of “The Good Doctor” speak out after a shocking death in the last season of the ABC show.

This piece talks about “Who At Peace,” the fifth episode of Season 7 of “The Good Doctor.”

This piece talks about "Who At Peace," the fifth episode of Season 7 of "The Good Doctor."

The shocking death on The Good Doctor has made the actor who took the fatal hit on the most recent episode of the ABC soap talk about it.

In a new post on social media, Noah Galvin, who played Dr. Asher Wolke, talks about his time on the show.

“I worked in Vancouver for four years, away from my fiancée, dog, and family,” Galvin wrote on Instagram. “These people made it worth it, even though it was hard.” “Thank you for everything, I love you @thegooddoctorabc!”

Responding to Galvin’s post, Kayla Cromer, who joined the show in its last season, said, “I’m so glad I got to meet you and work with you! You’re so great!”

It was Bria Samoné who said, “I love you deeply.”

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The shocking death of Galvin’s Dr. Asher Wolke in Season 7, Episode 5, “Who At Peace,” on The Good Doctor shocked fans. He was killed by an antisemitic attack.

Asher helped with a patient’s wedding and then drove the rabbi home, where they saw some thieves destroying the temple. They didn’t have to worry about the first attacker because Asher told them to leave and asked, “What do you care?”

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He told them, “I am a Jew.” It was a gay one, and I’m calling the police.

After thinking that everything was fine and there would be no more problems, the two bad guys came back and hit Asher over the head, leaving him for dead.

The Good Doctor’s next episode, “M.C.E.,” airs on April 9 at 10 p.m. ET. In it, “the team must deal with a mass casualty event that forces them to put aside their emotions following a recent tragedy.”

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