Stephen A. Smith fights racism charges against Megyn Kelly
Stephen A. Smith fights racism charges against Megyn Kelly

Monday, Stephen A. Smith defended Megyn Kelly against racism claims, but he also told the famous journalist that she should learn more about Black history before getting involved in the public debate about whether or not singing the Black national anthem at the Super Bowl was acceptable.

After the Super Bowl on Sunday night, Kelly joined a group of right commentators on social media who were critical of the performance of “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also known as the “Black national anthem,” following the “Star Spangled Banner.”

“The ‘Black National Anthem’ doesn’t fit at the Super Bowl. “We already have a National Anthem, and EVERYONE sings in it,” Kelly wrote on X, which used to be Twitter. This made both her fans and critics very angry.

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On “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” Smith told people not to use the word “racism” so fast, “You don’t know that about her.” When you say something like that, you weaken the case and make it less important.

“I’m tired of people, especially Black people, immediately using the word ‘racism.'” “Do me a favour when you use the word ‘racism,'” Smith asked. “Get more proof before you do it, that way it can’t be thrown out by plausible deniability or something else.”

“I don’t think what she said was racist. In her eyes, I think it’s great. I believe it makes her feel good about herself. I think she’s a little out of touch with what Black Americans all over the country are going through. Okay, I got that part. But I can’t talk about her the way I wanted to when people in my community are just calling her a racist. “You don’t know that about her,” he said next.

Smith made it clear that he has “profound respect” for Kelly’s work as a journalist, but he said the comment was hurtful and that it was likely made out of ignorance rather than bad intentions.
“I don’t think white people should behave like black people do.” Smith first said that the comment would be “very unpopular.” “I don’t expect a white person to get it about black people the way I expect black people to get it about black people,” he said.

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He then said straight to Kelly, “Megyn Kelly, if you’re watching, you’re listening: I don’t like what you said at all.” I believe it comes across as very rude. History can’t be taken into account. For the reason that you are a scholar, you can’t admit. I have a lot of respect for you because I have heard, seen, and listened to you.” But you’re not Black,” he said. “White people have been treated badly, but you haven’t been treated badly like Black people have been treated.”

He told Kelly and the other critics to keep an open mind and learn about what the Black national anthem means to Black Americans. He also told them to learn about how the traditional national anthem has racist roots and how it is linked to slavery.

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“Nothing more than that. If you’re not Black, you might not get it. And if you don’t get it, why not be neutral? Listen to the Black national song first, then the national anthem, if you don’t understand. Why don’t you just finish that and go to bed? For what reason do we need to raise our alerts and get tense because we’re hearing something we’re not used to hearing and didn’t want to hear?”

Getting right to Kelly, he said, “I don’t know you; I only know what you’ve done as a reporter, and I respect you so much.” Thank you very much. Could you please do a few things? Could you talk about that fact if you knew more about Black history and what led to the creation of the Black national anthem? Or just take a deep breath?”

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