Rory McIlroy-Erica Stoll-PGA Tour-U.S. Open
When the 2023 Ryder Cup started, Stoll and McIlroy were there.

Just days before the U.S. Open, Rory McIlroy talked about his choice to end the split from his wife of seven years, Erica Stoll.

Tuesday, news came out that the Northern Irish golf star had “voluntarily dismissed” his request to split up with Stoll. McIlroy shared his thoughts and what led him to decide to stay with his wife, even though their relationship might not have looked like it did a few weeks ago.

The Guardian reports that McIlroy said, “There have been rumors about my personal life recently, which is wrong.” “Following every rumor is a waste of time.” I’ve learned over the past few weeks that Erica and I would be happier as a family. We are glad that our disagreements have been settled, and we look forward to a fresh start.

People were saying that the 35-year-old was dating CBS Sports host Amanda Balionis after filing for divorce from Stoll. This may be what McIlroy was referring to. A lot of people on social media thought the two were dating because McIlroy had just broken up with Stoll and Balionis had started using her given name again.

Bryn Renner is Balionis’s husband and a former NFL quarterback. On her different social media accounts, she had been using his last name to refer to herself. But recently, Balionis took down all of her social media accounts that mentioned Renner. She was also seen without her wedding ring, which led to more rumors that McIlroy and Balionis might be dating.

According to body language expert Judi James, Balionis had McIlroy “purring” whenever they were seen together on TV, which helped her get a “great interview” with “lots of chemistry every time.”

“This method is used by a lot of women presenters who work in sports that are mostly guys. “ Non-sexual flirting rituals not only get some guys’ full attention and even make them eat out of their hands, but they can also put the host in charge of the interview,” James said. “Getting thoughts and snippets that the interviewee might have been more guarded about revealing.” That being said, McIlroy and Stoll’s marriage had gotten worse days before the news of their “called off” divorce. The Daily Mail says Stoll missed the 20-day limit to answer McIlroy’s request to the court.

“A phone call won’t keep you safe. “ If you want the Court to hear your side of the story, you must file a written response with the case number given above and the names of the parties,” the officer who gave Stoll the divorce papers said. “If you do not file your response on time, you may lose the case, and your wages, money and property may thereafter be taken without further warning from the court.”

Having said that, it looks like they were able to work out their differences, even though it might not have looked like it from the outside. This is especially true since it was reported that the marriage had become bad and could not be fixed. Also, it’s important to know that McIlroy and Stoll have a kid together. Poppy Kennedy McIlroy is three years old.

In the divorce filing, it says that they would share parenting of their daughter Poppy if the divorce was completed. It says that both parents can take care of the child if the divorce goes through.

Timeline of Rory McIlroy Relationship. © Actiongamesnow
Timeline of Rory McIlroy Relationship. © Actiongamesnow

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