Mexico was put in Group B of the 2024 Copa América, but the draw was full of mistakes.
Mexico was put in Group B of the 2024 Copa América, but the draw was full of mistakes.

For the 2024 Copa América, Mexico is in Group B with Ecuador, Venezuela, and Jamaica. The 2024 Copa America draw took place in Miami.

Three of the groups, including group B, had trouble because of mistakes in the draw. Before the tournament, the rules said that each group could only have up to three CONMEBOL teams and two CONCACAF teams. Because there were three CONCACAF teams in Pot 4, that rule might have had to be used. It was, but they missed the mark. The United States was the top seed in Group C, and Panama was in Pot 3. This meant that Bolivia should have gone straight to Group C. But when Bolivia was put in Group B, the event hosts put it there. The winner between Costa Rica and Honduras was then put in Group D, and Jamaica was put in Group C.

The hosts then realised they made a mistake and put three CONCACAF teams in Group C instead of fixing it. They moved Bolivia to Group C and the winner of the Costa Rica/Honduras playoff to Group B instead of making the necessary changes. Jamaica should have been moved to Group C instead of Group B since they were the third team drawn and the playoff winner was the last. Finally, they fixed it, and Mexico got their finished Group B.

Mexico’s first game in the group will be on June 22 at NRG Stadium in Houston against Jamaica. Then, on June 26, they will go to Los Angeles to play Venezuela at SoFi Stadium. On June 30, they will play Ecuador at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, which is just outside of Phoenix to end their group stage play. If Mexico comes in first or second in their group, they will play the winner or runner-up from Group A in the quarterfinals. In Group A, you’ll find Argentina, Peru, Chile, and the winner of the playoff match between Canada and Trinidad and Tobago.

The team will play in AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas, if they win the group. If they come in second, they will go back to Houston. With or without a win, Mexico will go to Texas if they make it to the quarterfinals. The last time Mexico played in Copa America was in 2016, which was the last time the event was held in the United States. They almost got the same group this time. The only thing that was different was that Mexico played against Ecuador instead of Uruguay like in 2016. To make things even stranger, they played a team from the same group as Argentina, which was placed first, and lost to Chile 7-0.

Which team in Argentina’s group was also in Argentina’s group in 2016? Argentina. Chile. Mexico has placed third three times (1997, 1999, and 2007) and second twice (1993, 2001) in the Copa America. They will be hoping to finally win the tournament, even though it will be very hard to do so.

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