Game Changer Allen Iverson Joins Peacock to Revolutionize Sports Streaming
Allen Iverson is hired by Peacock to sell streaming to sports fans.

Fans of streaming may think of NBC’s Peacock as a place to watch original shows like “Poker Face” or “Saturday Night Live” if they don’t have cable. But the people who support the hub want people to think about it along with live sports like Premier League soccer and IndyCar races.

On Thursday, people watching an NFL game between the Detroit Lions and the Kansas City Chiefs on NBC Sports will see a new ad with NBA great Allen Iverson, or “A.I.” as he’s called in the ad. Iverson helps people understand that “Peacock has the most live sports of any streamer” by saying, “Peacock has the most live sports of any streamer.”

According to Jo Fox, Senior Vice President of Content and Consumer Marketing at Peacock, the commencement of the autumn sports season on Peacock, including prominent events such as the NFL, Big Ten, Premier League, and others, serves as an opportune moment to emphasize the indispensability of Peacock for enthusiasts of sports.

In the context of this campaign, our objective was to engage with the cultural phenomena around artificial intelligence (A.I.) in a lighthearted manner. Allen proved to be an exceptional collaborator in effectively conveying this message.

Most of the battles in the streaming wars have been won by new movies and shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “The Mandalorian.” But sports are becoming more and more a part of the fight.

NBCUniversal has put together a collection of digital sports rights that includes Sunday morning Major League Baseball games, WWE cards, and, this season, one NFL regular-season game and a Wild Card playoff game. The streamer also shows “Sunday Night Football,” IndyCar racing, and a lot of the 2024 Olympics in Paris next summer.

Some people are also getting into sports online. Disney’s Hulu has been running ads promoting it as a place to watch live sports.

This message is even more important now that ESPN is no longer on Charter Communications’ television tiers because of a dispute between Disney and Charter. In the next few weeks, Warner Bros. Discovery is likely to add a new sports section called “Bleacher Report” to its Max streaming site.

Apple has gotten the rights to show MLB and MLS games in the past few months. And “Thursday Night Football” is still a big draw for Amazon Prime Video.

In the past few years, the company has bought other rights that could help its cause. In the spring, USFL games can be shown on both NBC and Fox, and NBC is putting a lot of effort into a new package of Big Ten games.

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