Everyone thought Caitlin Clark's first WNBA training camp was great

On Sunday, Caitlin Clark, the best college basketball player of all time, started training camp for the Indiana Fever. This was almost two weeks after she was picked first in the WNBA draft.

Everyone thought Caitlin Clark's first WNBA training camp was great

Clark is now famous all over the world, so of course all the cameras were there to record her first training camp with her new team and her new partner Aliyah Boston.

Clark looked good in videos that were shared online. He made some nice jump shots and passed the ball around well.

Fans couldn’t hold back their joy for the future of the sport after seeing all the videos and news stories about Clark’s first day of training camp with the Fever.

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Clark needs to stay sharp because the regular season starts in just over two weeks. This month has been very busy for one of the biggest names in sports.

Clark is getting ready for her first training game on May 3. Everyone was excited now that it was real.

“This group is going to FLY!” A huge number of people will watch! Caitlin Clark is Really Great! I’m going to watch her first WNBA game all the way through. Looking forward to it! A fan wrote, “I’m still afraid that the jealous WNBA players (past and present) will ruin this in some way.”

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One more person said, “Yeah, those assists are going up.”

One fan wrote, “Of course Caitlin is the first one up the stairs!”

“We the fans are expecting lots of training camp content and we are excited.”

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