After Taylor Swift performed at the Chiefs game, an ESPN reporter turned herself into a funny meme (VIDEO).
After Taylor Swift performed at the Chiefs game, an ESPN reporter turned herself into a funny meme (VIDEO).

Sunday, Taylor Swift and Donna Kelce shocked the NFL world by sitting in the box high above Arrowhead Stadium. T

On that day, a lot of grown men and women turned back into kids, and ESPN’s Molly McGrath was one of them. When she talked about Swift, she showed how excited she was with a funny film.

She wrote on Thursday, “When I hear that Taylor Swift is a football fan,” along with a video of her running onto the field in West Virginia after a game to talk to Mountaineers head coach Neal Brown.

Swift has been the talk of sports since she showed up at Arrowhead, and that’s likely to continue when she shows up again. Taylor Swift is rumored to be going to another Kansas City Chiefs game. This comes as stories about her love life and whether or not it involves tight end Travis Kelce keep going around.

Several sources say that Swift will cross the river to the New Jersey side to watch the Chiefs play the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

Who knows what’s next for Kelce and Swift after that game?

After that, Kelce and the pop star were seen leaving Arrowhead and getting cozy at a restaurant.

In the most recent episode of his show, the two-time Super Bowl winner talked about the reports.

“One, I know I’m responsible for all this attention,” he said. “I’m the one who… I made all those friendship bracelets and told everyone how sad I was that I didn’t get to meet Taylor… “So, yeah, I think it’s real because, you know, it’s about my private life. I want to treat your life and mine with respect. She isn’t in the news as much as I am, doing this show every week and having fun during the NFL season and on other guys’ shows like the “McAfee Show” and any other shows I go on from here on out. “Like you said on that Thursday night game, I’m enjoying life, and I sure as hell enjoyed this weekend.” As things move forward, I think I’ll have to stick to talking about sports.”

With Swift there, there were a total of 24.32 million watchers, and the show did best with females between the ages of 12 and 17 and 18 and 49.

After Taylor Swift showed up at a Chiefs game, an ESPN reporter turned herself into a funny meme. (VIDEO) This post was originally published on Total Pro Sports.

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