Why Wyndham Clark's score of 60 at Pebble Beach shouldn't be the course record
Why Wyndham Clark’s score of 60 at Pebble Beach shouldn’t be the course record

Alex Miceli will talk about what he learned in golf the week before every Monday. Or, in this case, Tuesday, since Alex was on his way from the Monterey Peninsula to Las Vegas on Monday for LIV Golf’s second event of the week.

Last week at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Wyndham Clark’s 60 was impressive, especially when you looked at the last three holes, where he missed three birdie putts by a whisker.

It would have been a 59 if any of those had gone, and a 57 if they all went.
It’s all about luck in golf, and if you play for a long time, you’ll understand that it all comes down to whether the putts land or not.

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Clark made putts from more than 189 feet on Saturday, so I think he did fine with the flatstick.
But something about that 12-under 60 seemed off to me.

It was the right thing for the PGA Tour to let players play “ball in hand” for the first three rounds because it was wet and muddy. There is no argument.

But I learned that if you shoot the best score on a course, you have the course record even if you don’t have the ball yourself.

It’s the best score, but should it be the course record?

My point is that it shouldn’t.

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For a course record, you have to play the ball where it lies and not be able to pick it up, dry it off, and put it back where you found it.

Golf is played outside, and the rules allow it to be played in bad weather like rain or mud.
If you still want to let players pick up the ball, they should give up some of the benefits they might get from playing it down. For example, they shouldn’t be able to set a course record that day.

In track and field, races can happen even if the wind is blowing from behind the runners. However, if the wind speed is more than 2 metres per second, the result cannot be called a record.

Yes, a race win. There wasn’t an Olympic record, a world record, or a venue record, even though it was the worst score ever for that event.

But I found out that golf doesn’t have that kind of rule. In fact, it doesn’t look like there are any ways to set a course record.

It’s clear that Clark won the event that had to be shortened because of bad weather, but his Saturday 60 shouldn’t count as the course record. He may not have set the course record, but I think it was the best round ever played at Pebble Beach.

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