Tiger Woods drops a seven-word bomb before The Masters that will definitely get Jack Nicklaus's attention.

His confidence keeps shining through

Tiger Woods on the eighth hole during a prep round for the 2024 Masters.
Tiger Woods on the eighth hole during a prep round for the 2024 Masters.

Before his 26th trip to The Masters, five-time winner Tiger Woods thinks he can win again at Augusta National.

Woods said on Tuesday, “I think I can get one more if everything works out.”

“I still believe I can. I’m still not sure if I can do it.

With one more win, he would have 16 major titles, just two less than Jack Nicklaus‘ record.

Nicklaus said in January, “If he had stayed healthy, I think he would’ve won, but he didn’t stay healthy.”

Nicklaus then said that his record of 18 major wins is likely to stand for a long time.

During a practice round before the 2024 Masters, Tiger Woods and his helper Lance Bennett pick out a club.
During a practice round before the 2024 Masters, Tiger Woods and his helper Lance Bennett pick out a club.

Even though Woods said on Tuesday that his body hurts every day, he still has faith in himself.
It gets better some days than bad. Still, Woods comes back to The Masters every year because he loves the game.

“I enjoy playing golf. I do. It’s always been my favourite. “I played other sports as a kid, but I’ve always loved this one,” Woods said.

“One reason I’ve had a successful career is that I’ve been able to combine my love for the game with my love for competition.” The work is just fun for me. I love keeping track of the time and getting ready. That feeling when everything is on fire and you either win or you don’t is something I love about fighting.

Even though he is 48 years old, the drive that won him 15 majors is still burning inside him. He will not give up, even though it hurts. Even more, he said that every shot at Augusta National is hard on his body except for the ones he hits from the tee boxes.

“I hurt every day,” Woods said with a grin.

“I hurt. No, I hurt every day. And I like it hot, muggy, and warm. Besides that, I know it’s going to storm. At least it will be hot. “This year won’t be like last year.”

Georgia was hit hard by a cold front during the third round a year ago. It rained inches of rain and got as cold as the low 50s. Woods dropped out because his body couldn’t handle the bad weather.

Then, in February, Woods pulled out of the Genesis Invitational because he was sick. That was his first event since December’s Hero World Challenge. Woods had not played since the 2023 Masters.
“I was not ready to play.” It wasn’t time for my body. I wasn’t ready for my game. “And I thought that once a month would be a great schedule when I was at the Hero,” Woods said.

Tiger Woods during a tee time on Tuesday before the 2024 Masters.
Tiger Woods during a tee time on Tuesday before the 2024 Masters.

“That plan hasn’t worked out. But from now until July, there will be a big championship every month. “So now the once a month should start.”

Woods’ peers are still amazed at how well he can play, even though he has a lot of health problems, fusions, and pain that seems to hit him every day.

He played a practice round with Woods, Justin Thomas, and the 1992 Masters winner Fred Couples on Tuesday morning. “Tiger is hitting it pure,” Couples said.

“He hits it so well…” He said that his back is fine. It was so bad last year that I think a lot of things, like playing in the rain and being slow, wore him down. He might not have been able to get work done during the tee times… But he looks strong and ready to play this year. I think he looks really, really good.

Will Zalatoris agreed with these ideas. He played the back nine with Woods on Monday.

“He did a great job. “He got ahead of me a few times, so there was some chirping,” Zalatoris said Monday.

“He looks wonderful. He is moving as well as he can. We’ve seen how well he swings the club before, but now we see how well he does it again.

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